About time :)

,,Time flies by like crazy…”

Is it possible that you look over your shoulder and it was like yesterday you blew candles on your  6th birthday cake and now you are realising that you are almost 20 years old and you don’t really know what do you wanna do in your life? Tbh it was just a weird and misleading question because I don’t want to talk about it today.

Have you ever experienced this? That you are doing something or you are with somebody or I don’t know what, and you just want to freeze that moment? Or push this memory to your head so deep you will remember it forever?
I have experienced it, but let’s be face it – everyone did 🙂

Visiting so many beautiful places with people you love the most is the best thing ever (at least for me).

Time, time, time…it feels like a few days from your birth till now am I right? You just can’t remember everything that happened, which is too bad – that’s why I started doing this…to remember all the stuff, all the people (yes I am also making photos of people when they are not paying attention to it because their spontaneous faces and actions are worth it 🙂 😀 ) all the places I have ever been to (and will go to eventually) So when I look over my shoulder in next 20 years, I wanna see everything I have done and gone to, with him, with them or maybe with you 🙂

When I visited one town which was really empty (pretty strange 😀 ) and I went through the train station and one street I found some objects for some photos:


And remember- your clock is ticking too 😛

trains Coffee please


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