Black and White Pub Trip!

Does this happen normally or am I just a fool?

Like you walk into a pub and suddenly you feel like you came to a room full of objects for a photo? (probably not I guess that’s just my stupid fetish :D) So I came here and as we sat down I saw so many beautiful things and corners for a photo- so I immediately grabbed my phone and needed to try the lightning, (btw which was amazing- so shady and dark but on the other hand cool and you would really like it!). Tbh my friends kinda “hate” me for this weird thing but I can’t help myself as I see the beauty of the world.
Actually I have never known that my brain will try to make me to like photography so much but as we are individually aging, our interests are sharpening and suddenly, what you wanted to do like two years ago is like a 10year old past…so I recommend to have you mind open and don’t agree just with one option for your future job.
You wanna be an astronaut? Be one.
You wanna be a firefighter? Be one.
Why? because you want to!
I am just saying that do not cling on one thing but also If you stick to something don’t let anybody ruin it for you!

So I guess I am talking too much already 😀

Those two photos I made a few days ago on my trip to that pub I mentioned higher(I really love making pictures in “BlackAndWhite” motion)

I hope someday, somebody will read this and will like the same things as Me Myself & I 😀

Enjoy 😉



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