” One must always be careful of books and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us”

How to would find a lot of articles about books and cons and pros and stuff but I want to tell you about some experience I have and so many of you have too.
Books means so much to me but tbh they meant to me more in the past. It actually started when I was like 3 years old and my mom used to read me all the fairytales from the big book before bed, so I created my own bond with books in very young age.
Anyway I’ll explain the rest – I think we all went through the phase of this when we were younger- at least me of course – In gymnasium I used to read all the time since I wasn’t the most popular child in the class. I read during the classes (mostly punished for not paying attention, what a rebel child I was 😀 ), during breaks, during lunch sometimes and also at home till the very night. Books were like a very good friend to me and I was hanging out with this friend every single day for a longer period of time because as I said I was kinda loner.
Today when I am looking at my library, full of books from past and also from present I just smile because I know those are one of the best memories from my childhood 🙂

When you ask people (or children, okay) today if they like book or they would rather watch a movie, probably more than a half would pick the movie. Why? Because it’s faster and easier for the mind -_-” Okay I would like to watch a movie too but in books you know every single detail and you can easily concetrate on happenings in the storyline. But yes I have to admit, that’s just me 🙂

I think that everybody has the kind of day like- Please keep the reality away from me just for today. And as I was in my favourite big old town, visiting the great,big castle, I found this:

knihovna 2

knihovna 1  knihovna 3

Teeny tiny castle room, usually called citadel or tower, but my name is better 😀
Anyway there was a note on the door that was saying: You can bring a book from the shelf, sit on the bench and just enjoy the incredible reading here 🙂 
Nothing but bookshelf, one window and little me came back to the past with a book in her hands sitting on the bench enjoying the clouded sun and trying to figure out what book she is holding in her usually cold hands.
So that was at least a moment without the big “reality check” and I was glad that I had that opportunity.

There is like a milion words I would say about this topic but I don’t want to bore you to the death folks 😛
To sum it up, we have to know the real value of the books and admire the writers, but every single person on this planet has his/hers own storyline inside of the heart. Don’t forget about it 😉

Enjoy 😉 🙂


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