Hidden corners,streets or notes in just one town

,,Is it just my obsession or a real thing?”

Weird but I’m asking this all over again in my head when I shoot some of pictures I’m going to show you in this post.


I’m a little bit obsessed with notes and some kind of sentences written on the walls (I know vandalism is not the  sweetest thing but at least it will give some strange people some material for a photo 😀 so Thank you but no thank you 😀 ) in one old and beautiful town in Slovakia. Some people say that, that town is ugly a whopping and time after time it will flush you down to the toilet with everybodys stereotype of living etc etc…I am not saying that 🙂 There are so many streets and places I will discover after some time there, I’m pretty sure!


Isn’t it insane that you see beauty in some paint on the wall?
Isn’t it insane that you are able to see a big story in one persons decision to write this?
Isn’t it insane that you can find yourself in just one word?

Well…kinda 🙂

dark and hidden home path

When I spotted this dark little path to some home door I was staring to the dark for a few moments and thinking about the times I was laying in the darkness of my room and trying to sleep but I couldn’t.
Old buildings,dark streets and weird places- that’s where you can find me 🙂


Tbh it was like 12 at night and we were walking home and some drunk guy just took a piss literally 10meters from me (such a romantic theme, I know) but the lightning was so magical and I was magnetized by it so as usual, my friends had to stop beside me and wait till I give my “weird fetish” the free will 😀

Sometimes when I am walking home in my birth town I am thinking about all the good places where can I make photos or just listen to music and chill with some good book in my lap. Or just imagining that somebodys following me and I have like 6 and half minute to get home or he will reach me and I have to hit the button “play again” in my head again 😀 (just kiddin)

I have so many photos like this but honestly who wants to read such a big article? Noone? 😀 Yea you guessed it 😉

anyway.. Enjoy 😉

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