Travel as much as you can

 ,,It’s a good day to be awesome.”

These days are pretty busy for me, because I am travelling all week long to my two favourite towns (yet).
But this day I spent with one person that’s very special for me and It was a lovely day. Unfortunatelly, we can’t see each other much because of the distance problems but it’s awesome every single time 🙂 . Let’s call him M 🙂
Oh my,how I wish you all someone special in your lives that makes your life better!

Anyway, it’s a very old town so I can set free my “photo passion” there. Last week I saw one hidden alley and I couldn’t stop thinking about it since. So we tryed to find it and happily we did!! The building in the middle actually looks like  from The Hunger Games 😀 (if you know it)

alley    11911395_1075388105806016_519205689_n


I am sure about one thing – I wanna travel as much as possible (now and in future) but sometimes you just can’t because this, this and that, I guess you know what I am talking about, right? 🙂

Travel, explore new things, see new places, meet interesting people, eat some extraordinary food – just see how is life going everywhere in the world 🙂 I hope someday…
But the thing I wanted to tell you about is that M told me one interesting story today. As he waited for the train to come, sitting on the bench, one man just sat on the other side of the bench and suddenly started to talk to him. That man looked pretty…extraordinary, like the one you look at and you think ,,oh god that one looks weird but cool in the same time” 😀 also he was wearing colourful hawaiian shirt and had long grey hair in plait. How strange is that? 😛
Anyway, he spends his days mostly travelling around, sitting on benches and talking to people like M, or probably someone  who he finds interesting.
You see? This kind of lifestyle! Travelling, meeting new people, listening to their stories and just doing things you like the most 🙂 Because In my opinion nobody wants to stay on just one place and never see all the beauty of the whole wide world.

Next stop will be…?
Of course my “weird fetish” of making photos of people who does not pay attention to me 😀
Okay but seriously, as I was sitting in one garden full of roses, on the other side of the garden I spotted an old couple sitting on the bench enjoying the last sunbeams of the day and just couldn’t resist 🙂

old couple on the bench

M told me to make photo when they leave holding hands but unfortunatelly I didn’t pay attention (dammit! 😀 ) and I lost them. BUT as we were walking back to the town M spotted them on the other side of the road!! Actually it made me so happy! :)))

old couple on the street

My point: After all these years, still travelling together as a couple – today that’s a very rare thing but yes they must be together for a long time and in that times marriage had the biggest value, to stay together no matter what! 🙂
Tbh I would be the happiest in this world if something like this happens to me…but I will talk about this some other time guys.

I was heading home with a great feeling from the nice day with him, with memories in my head seeing this scenery from the train:

train stuff

Hope you liked my todays experience folks and the last thing:

,,Someone loves you, so travel carefully.”


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