Life sunsets

,,I know I will see so many sunsets in my life, but I want to see this one with you.”

Another thing about me, I really love sunsets 🙂
Those are like my personal “happy place” everytime I see one. Thats why I wanna talk about sunsets of a life today.
I have always loved them but as I am aging it’s more and more powerful. I am looking at the outgoing light like it’s the last time I’m going to see.
Do you have those days like you wanna grab a bottle of wine, or a couple of beers or whatever and sit somewhere with somebody very special to you and just watch the sun slowly going to sleep? In my case 8 out of 10 times is impossible -_-” but thats just me.
Imagination starts working like crazy at night.
You just sit there with him/her, holding hands and quietly watching this everyday miracle happening, like in the old old times when this was “the big entertainment”. A nice walk, then find some bench and watch this…incredible and also so simple in the same way. You are starting to think about so many things you wanna do before your personal sun lays down for real…the big a scaring thing called future. Future with somebody you may don’t know yet, or he is sitting there with you right now.
Like..who knows?
Nobody 🙂
And that’s so beautiful about life – you never know what’s gonna happen. But the thing you know for sure is that you just don’t wanna be alone when the last sun will decide to go to sleep, and that matters the most – to find that perfect somebody who will spend those sunsets with you.
So keep your eyes open!
But one important thing about this is that:

You can assure yourself that tomorrows sunrise will happen again 🙂


P.s: enjoy 4 of the most favourite sunsets of mine 🙂

sunset     sunset sunset


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