(Bad) Life decisions

,,When people have too many choices, they make bad choices.”

What is the first thing that pops into you head when you say a words ” bad decision”?
Some people would say that wrongly chosen shoes to good outfit (I’m totally kidding af right now) or going by some bad path in life or choosing a fake friend to be their best friend.

The thing I wanted to tell you today is, that I met my old friend D after a long time of not seeing each other….after we sat in a bar, he just told me that he is skipping school and he is going to work abroad, just like that. I was like are you kidding me? So this is a great example of a very bad decision in life.
What would a good a friend do? Of course he would try to convince him to stay and think about it more, but sometimes people can’t do anything but give a good advice and hope for a good end.
There are like 100 of “what if” but obviously that’s useless to say now.

When someone who you care about is going to take a bad path, you usually feel miserable, useless and do not know what to do because you don’t want to see him fall down on his own face (again).

Bad choices are generally a thing that everybody has to do at least once or twice in their life because after that they can learn from their mistakes ( or not to learn from their mistakes and repeat them like zilion times – (unfortunatelly) count me in! 😀 ).
Our parents or friends are always telling us not to do that because this that and that, but after this big 10minutes long monologue about “WHY NOT” we find at least 15 reasons “WHY YES”. So you see that forbidden things which are looking like the best ones at first (actually the worst ones) after all that when we fail we just hear the most famous sentence: ,,I told you so!”
But despite all of this everyone needs a support in things which he believes in, and if you have that one person that sticks to you no matter what, with all your stupid and crazy ideas, don’t ever let him/her go 🙂

So today I am trying to be the “supportive one” and D if you are reading this I am sure you will do great in your work, even if I disagree with all of this but I am trying to understand your (bad) decision. I hope you will come back so we can scream on the street at each other and walk around the town not knowing where are we going.
Goodbye my dearest friend, you will be missed 🙂


P.s: Even If I’m talking about bad choices today,I was trying to find some good paths and I guess I found them 😉

door to the neverland     river

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