Those (overthinking) lazy days

,,Let’s crawl under a big blanket and watch movies all day”

Hi guys 🙂
Do you have those days that you are just home all day long ?
Wearing comfy clothes, laying in bed watching Netflix, reading some good books or listening to music? That you just wake up at the morning, you have your hair tied in a bun, no make up on your face and eyes like a big fluffy bunny and mind is telling you that *girl no, not today*?
Today I am having one of them ! Doing exactly nothing, enjoying only a company of my dog laying beside me.
I am pretty busy lately so if I have a opportunity to have a day like this, I totally grab it with both of my hands like a thief trying to steal someones purse. ( don’t try to imagine it, it’s to bizarre 😀 )
I was thinking about a lot of things,as you know it’s August already and the schools coming as fast as the fastest train I have ever seen in my life and honestly, in this situation I would like to let the train smash me like a leaf from the road.
Upcoming stress and no time for relax, that’s why -_-
But on the other side I will be able to see my friends again 🙂
Two minuses and just one plus? Not fair at all!

I remember when I was a kid I have always wanted a very very long holidays, I was even trying to convince my parents to move to Bulgaria, because they have 3months long summer holidays 😀

I wanted to do a lot more stuff than I did, during this holidays, go to more new places, meet more new people…but instead of that I am laying in my bed, listening to a old song on the radio and thinking about the upcoming madness…

…because we all do need days like this 🙂


P.s: As I was staying home today, laying in bed like a big walrus ejected to the beach,occasionally making some steps to the kitchen and back, I made some photos of my laziness to go out to the big world :)))

burton, book, tea and comfy swether

26.8 vyhlad okno  window, clouds

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