Find your way

,,You have to get lost, before you find yourself.”

Everybody wants to find their way in life.
Just belong to somewhere, where people will get their crazy talks, idiotic ideas and just simply get them as a person.

In life you have to travel, mess up, get lost for few days, have some rest, explore, be someone who you always wanted to be- maybe just for one second, to feel how it is, how did you dreamt about it every night… and the most importantly find the right place to live with somebody who is not afraid to tell you how he feels about you and will stay with you till the end. Because isn’t it the most important thing?
Time is the most relative dimension ever. Because you don’t know that if in two minutes your phone will ring and you will travel to the best places on earth or which path you will take tomorrow at 5pm or if you will go to the right or to the left.
Maybe he will call you tomorrow at the morning that – grab your stuff because we are going to travel somewhere because I miss you like crazy.

My point?

The freaking fate of ours! (we can call it FF now 😀 )

Have you ever thought about it? Like every single person has their destiny written from the minute they were born?
Like something happens and you just know it was destined?
So if you don’t know where to go just close your eyes and let your instincts navigate you to the best destination 🙂

As I was walking so many days across my hometown I always wondered how many paths I took and how many of them were wrong, or right (actually more of them were wrong, mostly in the past but as I am aging I’m looking out on myself more 😀 ). I actually like those which are lonely but made just for my steps and for my wicked phone to make pictures!
So find your way through this jungle and don’t be afraid to take somebody with you 😉

But can you do me a favour? Please always find you way back home, that one is the best one!

I hope you’ll make it.


P.S: My favourite ones!

ba street

čiernobiela cesta na rieke stromy

ulička za centrom

bránka smerom k parku kde sme chodili piť


brezový hájik čb

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