“Distance sometimes lets you know who is worth keeping, and who is worth letting go.”

I would like to start from the very first thought I had today…I miss you.
Was that accurate? Well of course. I think it happens  at least once or twice in your life that you just can’t be with or see somebody who you wanna see every time you want. That one friend or somebody who is closer to your heart like anybody else…but you just can’t…why? Freekishly weird word called- distance.

You know that to call and meet up at the corner of that and that street is simple af…the distance- that’s the real value of every kind of relationship!
It just lets you know who is worth and who is not…who considered you that interesting that went through e.g 400km and more to see you and spend a few days with you and who just silently admited the truth of a  “silent breakup” ( is it even a thing?) and let it be that way because it’s easier. But okay…-_-

Distance gives you the opportunity to appreciate, to respect and even honour the person who is on the other side of the state..to be happy everytime you see some message from him/her…to smile and laugh like a fool everytime the person calls you…to enjoy every single second with the one and only, because you know that it’s gonna be at the end soon, BUT still being kinda happy and adore the memories/moments because it actually happened ( I talked about it in my last article 😉 https://wonderwallphoto.wordpress.com/2015/09/21/heat-of-the-moment/ )

Sometimes…distance is able to split people up…and that’s one of the worst things ever tbh, I experienced it and it was not that bearable at all, but I told to myself that I have to be strong and hold on because people come and also, people go even if we don’t really want them to go. But yea..sometimes they stay (mostly I hope) and that’s , my friends…that’s just a little happy miracle inside of my heart, because nothing’s better than someone who stays no matter what 🙂

It’s up to us if we’ll take it and admit it in positive or in a negative way. Positive way would be to take it as an adult- try to do everything you can for being with that person and negative part would be that you just give up because it’s hard.
For me is distance a big challenge, but I am willing to try and not to give up because what? because I WANT! and you have to tell to your brain the same thing- I can because I want 🙂
Let me tell you a (not that) secret thing- The hardest things are the best at the end 😉 but it’s just up to us  if the distance’s gonna be dark or bright- only YOU CAN DECIDE.


P.s: Two same pics- Dark side and Bright side- even the clouds are pretty far away from each other, they will meet at the end if they’re gonna be patient and try hard to unite 🙂 ( can you see the beautiful metaphore here? 😀 )

bright and dark side


Heat of the moment

,,Enjoy the moment which is happening right now”

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of blogging but sometimes things doesn’t work out the way you want and then something like this happen -_-” (I hope you understand 😛 )

Anyway, I spent last three days in Czech Republic in Prague with one very important person, who means so much to me. It was supposed to be my “goodbye holidays” trip (because my school’s starting tomorrow), so I booked my ticket and went for it with excitement and happiness in my heart 🙂

Before I show you the amazing photos I wanted to talk a little bit about “moments”.
I was very sad at the end of my trip, I felt bad because I had to leave and go back to the reality, but as I am aging I have to admit and accept that I have to enjoy the nice and good days and not to cry when it’s ending because I have such great memories and lot of things I will remember till the end of my life. I left Prague but I know that I will come back soon, I am pretty sure because I loved it so much. If you’re reading my blog from time to time, you will remember my article It’s good to feel home (if not, just click here https://wonderwallphoto.wordpress.com/2015/09/06/its-good-to-feel-home/ ) and in this article I was writing about feeling at home, about places which would remind you home or people who are able to create you home – Prague just happened to be my new place where I felt just like home. I felt very comfortable, I felt that I don’t have to be afraid because I was with him, I felt relaxed and last but not least- happy.
When something negative hits you to the head, always remind yourself of the good stuff that happened, with the people you love the most and don’t ever let it ruin your day. Okay, scream, cry, but after that you will feel such a relief you can’t even imagine.

Don’t be sad that something’s ending because something new will start tomorrow 🙂


P.s: Promised photos 😉 Enjoy

insta greyness

big red door


orange buildings with park bw swimming person

white building  chloe in da house


just do it martin orloj sky street bw pig

sun street street with lamps- restaurant arch

sun feet mirror

strictly analog legs električková ulica smer flora od nás coffee



“It gives me strength to have somebody to fight for”

There are people in your life – good people, friends, best friends, friends for life and of course fake/false friends.
It all begins in kindergarten, where we are trying to socialize and it’s up to us who are we gonna join in the “hard young life”. So you see it’s like from the beginning. We are selecting people till we find the right one(s) for us.

Sometimes happens, that we are choosing a person who is gonna stay with us the whole time here-he/she will walk not behind us or in the front – but beside us, but also person thats gonna hurt us like a freaking hell and leave with a smile on his/her face.

That’s why I decided to talk about friendship today,because things are sometimes happening so fast that only friends can handle those things with you. They won’t try to change you or complaining about your character traits- they will accept you the way you are, even if you are a pain in the ass sometimes. They will get your stupid ideas, idiotic stories,your moods, selfie fails, ups and downs, stay beside you during the hardest times- and still love you no matter what!! It’s a big success to find somebody who’s gonna be happy with you and also for you. If you have somebody like this- never ever let him go because investing time to such a beautiful thins as friendship is never a waste 🙂

Tbh, it’s very rare to find a person who would be faithful and be here for you when you need it. A long time ago I read one sentence – ,,We accept the love we think we deserve”. So we are choosing people who we think we are worthy of not knowing that one day we wake up and they might not be here because they chase a new path without , not knowing they might not are worth of us at all.

,,I am here for myself, not for you”
The strongest sentence that a person can say out loud and still it’s gonna be true, because if somebody decides to leave you, he’s gonna leave even if you would stand on your head and turn yourself around like a fool.

And if you are reading this and you are also somebody who is behaving badly to your friends, just think about this: One day, do you want to end up alone and be with somebody who is doing the same to you? What you don’t want others to do to you, don’t do it the same to them.

There is no shop where you can buy a friendship, thats why you have to respect and appreciate your friends, even if you get into a meaningless fight. Be here for them and if they really need you at 1.am, pack your stuff and go. Most importatnly- don’t ever forget a friend…you know why? because not everyone has one.

I know this one was little tough but I appreciate you reading it 🙂


legs 1

In love with…


In life, you have your ups and downs, good days and bad days,positive moods or negative moods.
Today everything in my life was in the middle – I woke up in the middle of 8 am an 9 am, I have cried and I also laughed so hard, I was sad but I was also happy like I wasn’t a long time ago! I also took some photos, which can show you my todays journey to a lovely town which I love so much 🙂 things,facial expressions,places…and some more 😉 hope you’ll like it guys!!

1. In love with the classical music

in love with classical music

Imagine that you are walking through the town, you turn your head to the left side and see this :O in the middle of the square, huge piano waiting for you to play ❤ how awesome is that?

2. In love with different kinds of moods

in love with different kinds of moods

Even sculpture is making fun of your weird and angry face, so don’t be angry and don’t frown that much! o.O

3. In love with somebody special

in love with somebody special

When I saw him, how he was trying to play his favourite song and the moment when he played it right…the little happy light in his eyes, and the winning smile was worth it 🙂 when I look at this picture I see one important moment, a moment before a little happiness was born 😉

4. In love with unknown paths

in love with unknown paths

Do you know where am I heading to? 😀 because I’m lost in here o.O

5. In love with beautiful old things

in love with beautiful old things

I just couldn’t resist 🙂 how cute is this little piece of heaven? :O

6. In love with painting on the wall

in love with painting on th wall

People help the people in need, I am so happy that there are people in this world who are willing change somebodys life! 🙂


It’s good to feel home

,,Don’t build me a house, just be my home”

There are days in your life when you feel soo comfortable and alive.
You wake up at the morning and you are not feeling exhausted and so freaking sleepy. You will cook some good food, listen to some good music -acting like you are performing at the Britains got talent- singing part, ignoring your neighbour who is shouting at you to stop screaming like somebody’s murdering you. After that you will invent some new kind of dance moves which you wouldn’t be embarrassed on any stage in the whole wide world…and you know- having your own funny galaxy when no ones watching 🙂

Then I went to see my dad,  (my parents got divorced like 2 years ago), and we went to grandmas together to the nearby village. Actually it was fun, because when I am with him I feel so comfortable and free to say anything, we were laughing, talking a lot and making stupid selfies 😀 (who does that? 😀 )

But the thing I wanted to say is, that you don’t really have to call “home” only one place ( and i mean the place where you actually live).
So when you meet somebody you love (family, friend..or whatever your goldfish) after some longer time, you can create second, third, fourth place which you can call home as well.
It’s very important to maintain some bonds with people who leave your home but not your lives after all, to meet them from time to time and realize how important they are for you and your life. You know it when you look at them and even if they don’t hug you, you feel the warmth and peaceful atmosphere- this is what I call home. Where you don’t have to pretend anything or watch out your language.
If you want to have ” cloudy mood” – have, and they won’t judge you because that’s you and you don’t ever have to change for people who love you and accept you the way you are.

Sometimes even you can’t define the place “home”, but you just feel that, this is right…and you have to be there because it feels so f*cking right, oh my…how much I loved and love moments like this- when you just don’t know why, but you know that this is the one thing for you, and you want it so so bad that your stomach is full of butterflies and you can’t say a word, but you eyes will say it for you- you want a place that you can call home because sometimes that’s the only thing that can make you happy and full.

Guys, I hope you can feel the metaphore here, because this is the only way how can I say it 😛

I know this one is a pretty confusing piece, but it’s a little morsel of my brain which is  strange a lot, but people who know me understand the whole package, so now you can consider yourself a person who knows my mind for a little bit more 🙂

Hope you liked my philosophical window, or  a little sundays poetic time,


p.s: Cloudy mood/ cloudy day 🙂 and another observation of my day

cloudy day

Are you listening to the sound of those clouds?

cats back 2 colour

This is basically me, redhaired one,who is turning her back on you, because she doesn’t want you to see her face 😀


Momma, I’m coming home..:)

Letter “C”

,,One day I will find the words and they will be simple”

Today was an ordinary long “bad weather” day 🙂 as usual, I was thinking about so many things which are going to change in my life, and I was also checking up my older photos, so found this one:


I remember as I spotted this “C” painted on a tree I had to took a photo of it, because I knew that I’m gonna need it later 🙂 and that day just came!
When I see this one I am thinking about all the words which are begininng with letter C- 13 of them:

Courage to tell to the world with no fear how you feel about him/her, things which you are afraid to say out loud

Coffee to survive the day/  great morning kick-ass

(being) Confused when something went worse than you expected

Calm yourself down when somebody pisses you off as hell

Carry on when everything fails but you can’t let them know you are down

Classic music when you need to take a minute for yourself

Clean your heart/head up

Clock is ticking like crazy, that’s why you have to live for the moment

(be) Crazy, because not being crazy is like a crime)

Cleverness is something what you’re loosing exactly when you need it to stand by your side

Collect your best memories, so in another 20 years you can remind yourself that your youth wasn’t that bad at all

Communicate only with the right people, with somebody who will stay with you no matter what

Case – packing,for travelling around the world

I picked only the words which are pretty important for me and I hope that you’ll find some of them which are compatible with your theory of life too 😛

When I look at this short list of words which are known very well in my mind I just play my best days all over again in my head – pushing play at the beggining, pausing when something funny or interesting happens, rewinding when sad parts are coming and also stopping the “story telling” when I want to memorize that particular moment forever.
Photos makes me realize that not everything is just black and white because when you colour them, something amazing can happen 🙂


(One day’s) daylight journey

“What i like about photographs is, that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

Today I was home alone all day, so I decided not to lay in bed but do something useful (for you guys 😀 ) instead . So I grabbed my stuff and went for a walk (lonely me -_- ).

I wanted to make some new photos, so I thought some place which I don’t know well, would be the best one. 🙂 Actually there is one place in my hometown which I do know know as much as the others, so my legs just brought me there! ( I swear to God I have nothing to do with that!)
As I was on my way, I had my eyes open because you never know where you can find something (or someone) interesting.

And this is what I found on my little daylight journey 😛 hope you’ll like it 😉


grafity, kalvaria
house K 1house K 2

  These two photos are one big house, looking like a big boat 😀



wall hospital K bw
zo spodu dom K bw  house zbokubw

door bw

leg bw

walking on the stripes!!

trees- botan


So many faces 😛