,,Are we there yet?”

That is the question I would never ask in train 😀 . Actually I love travelling by this kind of vehicle.
Because when I sit in it, I am in such a good mood 🙂 Just sitting there, seeing all the houses, trees, streets, overtaking among themselves, it’s like a little miracle for me.
Tbh, I am a very simple person in things or events which make me happy – just put me in some dark place (by the river might be the best solution, if you would think about making me happy af 😀 ) with a bottle of wine in one hand, other hand in my second  hand ( somebody special? 😛 ), sky full of stars, also a good mood in my pocket and I am a completely different person 🙂 Enjoying the moment which runs through our fingers like a cold, fresh water.
Train? Just to see the beauty of the country makes me feel happy and free and being able to memorize everything with my eyes and camera as well.

Today I was travelling again and even if I am seeing the same things all over again, it’s always surprising for me because I always see something new.

Listen to good music, read some book you like, watch the sunset, think about things,about people…whatever.
If you ask me? Best relax ever 🙂
So travel as much as you can even if you’ll go alone, just go, explore and have fun – just enjoy the whole journey till you appear at the front door of your home, completely exhausted but excited that you had a nice day with somebody who made your day better, even if only with a smile 🙂

I am glad for every single one of them…

P.s: journey photos ofc!

vlak prechádza okolo mojeho vlaku čb

When I took this one, I was like the happiest person on planet earth just for a second, this is the one perfect miracle I was talking about! 🙂


Some classic reading for the journey is never a bad idea 😉

ipod and skirt

Music 🙂

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