Hasty period of our lives

,,Take time for all things: great haste makes great waste.”

Hey guys 🙂

Even if it’s not the best quality of the photo, about which I am incredibly sorry- it still reminds me this pretty hasty period of time in our lives.
People are trying to get faster and faster from point A to point B, by their cars, because this hasty period is pushing them, and they just have no time for …actually nothing.

It’s a big paradox that you (we, they, us, them..bla bla bla) are all day and everyday with yourself but never really have time to do something just for you!
Sometimes even have no time to know yourself.
And sometimes people even have to put some mask on their face because The Great Hasty Period is tying their hands and they have no choice.

What would you say?

But the thing you can do is, that you can just stop for a minute, breathe, remind yourself that you are here for you and not for them, take a long walk and give some piece time also to yourself. Stop trying to find excuses “why not” but find at least one which says – “why yes”! 😉

Life is too short not to try 😉



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