The big truth about drinking

,,You look like I could use a drink.”


Being drunk is like when you are a newborn baby, everything looks sparkly, different, new, beautiful…you forget about everything- your problems mostly, your name, where you live and so on, you know it right? Beautiful upside down life just for a while!

And that  feeling (which is totally “worth it”) when you are slowly waking up, the first time when you open your eyes after some “good” sleep (let’s just call it an #AfterPartySleep 😀 ) and starting to realize where you are, why is your damn head hurting like hell and of course why is your throat feeling like a 100 years spent on Sahara 😛  Starting to receive all the memories from night *thumbs up*

You start with one drink *indistinct voice in your head*-(no of course I am not going to drink that much today, I don’t have the right mood, I don’t want to get wild, I don’t..bla bla bla same old shit 😀 ) and when you drink it up you will convince yourself that another one won’t be that destructive ( only this last one and I am out!) then friends convince you for another one just because you are sitting there (I swear to god, this one will be the last one!!)…and after a long journey of shots (imagine the big pile of empty shots in front of you), drinks whatever- you feel so easy and free, somehowly happy too (sometimes wanna fly, but don’t do it, please) and thinking about how you love everybody, how you have to call everybody, or you have to call somebody you hate to tell them you hate them (or love them, it depends on how many drinks you had) then you have to get lost for a couple of minutes and drive your friends ( less drunk friends) crazy af…and last but not the least, meet some stranger on the street and tell him your whole life story, and then the weird feeling when you realize that you were talking like 20 minutes to dirty lamp on the corner …how little entertainment for just one night 😀

You know that old saying:
Drinking problems are just because of the people who everytime find some occasion to drink:
Bad day? Let’s go get drunk and cry out eyes out on shoulder of some people you barely know.
Good day? Let’s go get drunk, totally “kill yourself” with 10shots and fall asleep till 10pm.
Nothing happened? Let’s go get drunk and wait actually like 5 minutes for something to happen.
(epic happening, big memory which they will talk about for a long long time)

Honestly, every person (I am not saying that every=every) has to go through some kind of similar period of their lives because that’s growing up, to enjoy (oh my lovely liver, stay with me) the youth times, to mess up, to get crazy with friends, new friends, old friends etc etc 🙂
I went through this too, so I know what I am talking about (badass), tbh today I am more of the person who is watching out for everyone, to not to get lost or do something which they will later regret 🙂 (I am such an angel :O )

The thing I wanted to say is that, enjoy your youth as much as you can because later you won’t have this option, or you won’t have any energy to go nuts and crazy, because when you grow up you will have so many different interests (even if you are saying that no, believe me, you will) this is just a temporary thing- but everytime- enjoy it as it is the last time! 😉

Sincerely, your sarcasm lover,


wacky woolies

Those cute little shots are just calling for it!! 😀

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