(One day’s) daylight journey

“What i like about photographs is, that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

Today I was home alone all day, so I decided not to lay in bed but do something useful (for you guys 😀 ) instead . So I grabbed my stuff and went for a walk (lonely me -_- ).

I wanted to make some new photos, so I thought some place which I don’t know well, would be the best one. 🙂 Actually there is one place in my hometown which I do know know as much as the others, so my legs just brought me there! ( I swear to God I have nothing to do with that!)
As I was on my way, I had my eyes open because you never know where you can find something (or someone) interesting.

And this is what I found on my little daylight journey 😛 hope you’ll like it 😉


grafity, kalvaria
house K 1house K 2

  These two photos are one big house, looking like a big boat 😀



wall hospital K bw
zo spodu dom K bw  house zbokubw

door bw

leg bw

walking on the stripes!!

trees- botan


So many faces 😛

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