Letter “C”

,,One day I will find the words and they will be simple”

Today was an ordinary long “bad weather” day 🙂 as usual, I was thinking about so many things which are going to change in my life, and I was also checking up my older photos, so found this one:


I remember as I spotted this “C” painted on a tree I had to took a photo of it, because I knew that I’m gonna need it later 🙂 and that day just came!
When I see this one I am thinking about all the words which are begininng with letter C- 13 of them:

Courage to tell to the world with no fear how you feel about him/her, things which you are afraid to say out loud

Coffee to survive the day/  great morning kick-ass

(being) Confused when something went worse than you expected

Calm yourself down when somebody pisses you off as hell

Carry on when everything fails but you can’t let them know you are down

Classic music when you need to take a minute for yourself

Clean your heart/head up

Clock is ticking like crazy, that’s why you have to live for the moment

(be) Crazy, because not being crazy is like a crime)

Cleverness is something what you’re loosing exactly when you need it to stand by your side

Collect your best memories, so in another 20 years you can remind yourself that your youth wasn’t that bad at all

Communicate only with the right people, with somebody who will stay with you no matter what

Case – packing,for travelling around the world

I picked only the words which are pretty important for me and I hope that you’ll find some of them which are compatible with your theory of life too 😛

When I look at this short list of words which are known very well in my mind I just play my best days all over again in my head – pushing play at the beggining, pausing when something funny or interesting happens, rewinding when sad parts are coming and also stopping the “story telling” when I want to memorize that particular moment forever.
Photos makes me realize that not everything is just black and white because when you colour them, something amazing can happen 🙂


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