In love with…


In life, you have your ups and downs, good days and bad days,positive moods or negative moods.
Today everything in my life was in the middle – I woke up in the middle of 8 am an 9 am, I have cried and I also laughed so hard, I was sad but I was also happy like I wasn’t a long time ago! I also took some photos, which can show you my todays journey to a lovely town which I love so much 🙂 things,facial expressions,places…and some more 😉 hope you’ll like it guys!!

1. In love with the classical music

in love with classical music

Imagine that you are walking through the town, you turn your head to the left side and see this :O in the middle of the square, huge piano waiting for you to play ❤ how awesome is that?

2. In love with different kinds of moods

in love with different kinds of moods

Even sculpture is making fun of your weird and angry face, so don’t be angry and don’t frown that much! o.O

3. In love with somebody special

in love with somebody special

When I saw him, how he was trying to play his favourite song and the moment when he played it right…the little happy light in his eyes, and the winning smile was worth it 🙂 when I look at this picture I see one important moment, a moment before a little happiness was born 😉

4. In love with unknown paths

in love with unknown paths

Do you know where am I heading to? 😀 because I’m lost in here o.O

5. In love with beautiful old things

in love with beautiful old things

I just couldn’t resist 🙂 how cute is this little piece of heaven? :O

6. In love with painting on the wall

in love with painting on th wall

People help the people in need, I am so happy that there are people in this world who are willing change somebodys life! 🙂


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