“It gives me strength to have somebody to fight for”

There are people in your life – good people, friends, best friends, friends for life and of course fake/false friends.
It all begins in kindergarten, where we are trying to socialize and it’s up to us who are we gonna join in the “hard young life”. So you see it’s like from the beginning. We are selecting people till we find the right one(s) for us.

Sometimes happens, that we are choosing a person who is gonna stay with us the whole time here-he/she will walk not behind us or in the front – but beside us, but also person thats gonna hurt us like a freaking hell and leave with a smile on his/her face.

That’s why I decided to talk about friendship today,because things are sometimes happening so fast that only friends can handle those things with you. They won’t try to change you or complaining about your character traits- they will accept you the way you are, even if you are a pain in the ass sometimes. They will get your stupid ideas, idiotic stories,your moods, selfie fails, ups and downs, stay beside you during the hardest times- and still love you no matter what!! It’s a big success to find somebody who’s gonna be happy with you and also for you. If you have somebody like this- never ever let him go because investing time to such a beautiful thins as friendship is never a waste 🙂

Tbh, it’s very rare to find a person who would be faithful and be here for you when you need it. A long time ago I read one sentence – ,,We accept the love we think we deserve”. So we are choosing people who we think we are worthy of not knowing that one day we wake up and they might not be here because they chase a new path without , not knowing they might not are worth of us at all.

,,I am here for myself, not for you”
The strongest sentence that a person can say out loud and still it’s gonna be true, because if somebody decides to leave you, he’s gonna leave even if you would stand on your head and turn yourself around like a fool.

And if you are reading this and you are also somebody who is behaving badly to your friends, just think about this: One day, do you want to end up alone and be with somebody who is doing the same to you? What you don’t want others to do to you, don’t do it the same to them.

There is no shop where you can buy a friendship, thats why you have to respect and appreciate your friends, even if you get into a meaningless fight. Be here for them and if they really need you at, pack your stuff and go. Most importatnly- don’t ever forget a friend…you know why? because not everyone has one.

I know this one was little tough but I appreciate you reading it 🙂


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