Heat of the moment

,,Enjoy the moment which is happening right now”

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of blogging but sometimes things doesn’t work out the way you want and then something like this happen -_-” (I hope you understand 😛 )

Anyway, I spent last three days in Czech Republic in Prague with one very important person, who means so much to me. It was supposed to be my “goodbye holidays” trip (because my school’s starting tomorrow), so I booked my ticket and went for it with excitement and happiness in my heart 🙂

Before I show you the amazing photos I wanted to talk a little bit about “moments”.
I was very sad at the end of my trip, I felt bad because I had to leave and go back to the reality, but as I am aging I have to admit and accept that I have to enjoy the nice and good days and not to cry when it’s ending because I have such great memories and lot of things I will remember till the end of my life. I left Prague but I know that I will come back soon, I am pretty sure because I loved it so much. If you’re reading my blog from time to time, you will remember my article It’s good to feel home (if not, just click here https://wonderwallphoto.wordpress.com/2015/09/06/its-good-to-feel-home/ ) and in this article I was writing about feeling at home, about places which would remind you home or people who are able to create you home – Prague just happened to be my new place where I felt just like home. I felt very comfortable, I felt that I don’t have to be afraid because I was with him, I felt relaxed and last but not least- happy.
When something negative hits you to the head, always remind yourself of the good stuff that happened, with the people you love the most and don’t ever let it ruin your day. Okay, scream, cry, but after that you will feel such a relief you can’t even imagine.

Don’t be sad that something’s ending because something new will start tomorrow 🙂


P.s: Promised photos 😉 Enjoy

insta greyness

big red door


orange buildings with park bw swimming person

white building  chloe in da house


just do it martin orloj sky street bw pig

sun street street with lamps- restaurant arch

sun feet mirror

strictly analog legs električková ulica smer flora od nás coffee


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