“Distance sometimes lets you know who is worth keeping, and who is worth letting go.”

I would like to start from the very first thought I had today…I miss you.
Was that accurate? Well of course. I think it happens  at least once or twice in your life that you just can’t be with or see somebody who you wanna see every time you want. That one friend or somebody who is closer to your heart like anybody else…but you just can’t…why? Freekishly weird word called- distance.

You know that to call and meet up at the corner of that and that street is simple af…the distance- that’s the real value of every kind of relationship!
It just lets you know who is worth and who is not…who considered you that interesting that went through e.g 400km and more to see you and spend a few days with you and who just silently admited the truth of a  “silent breakup” ( is it even a thing?) and let it be that way because it’s easier. But okay…-_-

Distance gives you the opportunity to appreciate, to respect and even honour the person who is on the other side of the state..to be happy everytime you see some message from him/her…to smile and laugh like a fool everytime the person calls you…to enjoy every single second with the one and only, because you know that it’s gonna be at the end soon, BUT still being kinda happy and adore the memories/moments because it actually happened ( I talked about it in my last article 😉 https://wonderwallphoto.wordpress.com/2015/09/21/heat-of-the-moment/ )

Sometimes…distance is able to split people up…and that’s one of the worst things ever tbh, I experienced it and it was not that bearable at all, but I told to myself that I have to be strong and hold on because people come and also, people go even if we don’t really want them to go. But yea..sometimes they stay (mostly I hope) and that’s , my friends…that’s just a little happy miracle inside of my heart, because nothing’s better than someone who stays no matter what 🙂

It’s up to us if we’ll take it and admit it in positive or in a negative way. Positive way would be to take it as an adult- try to do everything you can for being with that person and negative part would be that you just give up because it’s hard.
For me is distance a big challenge, but I am willing to try and not to give up because what? because I WANT! and you have to tell to your brain the same thing- I can because I want 🙂
Let me tell you a (not that) secret thing- The hardest things are the best at the end 😉 but it’s just up to us  if the distance’s gonna be dark or bright- only YOU CAN DECIDE.


P.s: Two same pics- Dark side and Bright side- even the clouds are pretty far away from each other, they will meet at the end if they’re gonna be patient and try hard to unite 🙂 ( can you see the beautiful metaphore here? 😀 )

bright and dark side

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