A very long walk

,,Wanna meet up tomorrow?”
,,Sure, let me check the train.”

Hey there! 🙂 Yesterday I finally after such a long time went back to one of my favourite towns. Honestly it was a very very nice day- I would describe it like silent and relaxing one and since I don’t really have many of them these days, I am super grateful to my friend, who took me to places I’ve never been to, even if I know the town a little more.
Chronology of today:
1.Old train depo
2.”Park forest”
3. Story

Everybody needs a day like this once in the while, because the stereotype and the “autumn time” would kill us in a month or two. Just chill a little and do just things what YOU like.
It’s good to dust down your phone and call him/her to bring a camera and here we go! Honestly I took so many photos you can’t even imagine (yes again!)- I told it actually to my friend and he was like- omg every week you have another trip to somewhere!! 😀 TBH, I would be so glad if this was happening every single week because as you now I really love travelling and exploring new places and of course – capturing everything what I consider somehow interesting, but unfortunatelly I can’t do it whenever I want -_- and that’s frustrating – but that’s life.

So I took the train and travelled about one hour to the old town to meet my friend who took me to an old train depo- perfect place for photos guys!! Just imagine totally fucked up weedy building covered in graffiti and broken glass. Okay, sounds dangerous as well but I had to see it all! I was kinda terrified when I first saw it, like imagine that you would find something (or someone ) dead there…but me and my friend agreed, that that place would be perfect for throw some huge urban party up there! There were also an underground tunels underneath the depo but I wasn’t that brave to go down there and swim in a complete darkness just with the light from my phone because we didn’t have a propper flashlight.
Anyway- photos are ready for you!!

a way to depo  THE RAVEN

bw depo standing on the door  creepy destroyed halls

surroundings- depo nature walking

bw stairs cupola bw from the stairs

panorama depo 2

   light!! lonely window- burned room

depo roof 2 depo roof

depo bw windows, standing on the roof

light!!   DEPO bw

I know I added a lot of pictures, but I just wanted you to see everything I’ve seen and if you are a fan of old buildings you should really visit this place you will certainly not regret your decision at all 🙂 When I come inside to some building like this I can immediately imagine all the “stories” that happened there- it has some secret hidden in the walls and you can see it when you enter.

I would consider myself a very weird and strange person because as you can see old destroyed buildings and the next thing I wanted to show you is a beautiful nature park playing with colours. So we are moving from black ‘n’ white to colours- yayy! 😀

As we were passing through, a lot of families were there, so many children even people jogging or cycling. It felt so good to see so many people and still feel the relax and silence in the “forest”. It is such a beautiful place to just go for a walk after Sunday lunch or whatever with your friends or family. Enjoy the view 😉

high green trees silent forest

girl and the yellow leaf

colours hand in hand   hello from the other side

light from the woater   brown leaf in my hand

This is what I love about autumn- the wide variety of endless pallet of colours. You turn your head left or right and all you can see are different tones of orange, yellow, red, green and brown and it feels so warm even there’s no warm weather at all.

Anyway after a long long looong walk we finally came back to the town and decided to grab some beer and just chill and relax after this exhausting trip. As we sat there and we had an interesting conversation about philosophy of past and past stuff and of course memories from our childhood plus drunk memories included (wide pallet of fuck ups? 😀 ) etc etc…
A little boy (like 3-4 year old) went out from the restaurant (we were sitting outside at that time) with his dad. Dad went to the left but the boy stopped and he shrieked with his cute voice that he wanna go to the right. Dad asked him why he wanna go and the boy didn’t reply anything just smiled. Dad started to laugh and asked him- ,,You wanna press “his” nose right?” – by HIS he meant this: (I showed you this in an old article called “In love with…” I guess, but anyway)

 in love with different kinds of moods

The little boy started to laugh and dad told him to press it and come back. So he did it and when he went around me he stopped and looked me dying from laughter, because it was so cute you would die if you would see it- the kiddos naivity and happiness in one. I am so glad for that moment because it really made me feel like a child for a second- naive, happy, simple minded child.

To sum up this whole day? I am still so tired right now even if I slept at night, but it was a very nice day as I said- the one you really need to experience and then you can sit on your couch after you’ll come home exhausted af and smile honestly, like I did.

Thank you for finishing my piece to the end! It means so much to me 🙂



The Major music storm

“Some people have lives; some people have music.”

Hey folks! 🙂 As I told you some articles ago, I am a “overthinking queen” so this was meant to come from the very beginning- me talking about lyrics from songs.
I am pretty sure that this happens to a lot of you people like all the time- that you just find some text or song that totally suits you in every single way. Like, I mean that you read it or listen to it and the world suddenly freezes and you are just sitting there and staring at basically nothing, thinking , what the hell I just heard, (or read)?
For me it’s like when you are nervous and you have butterflies in your stomach – because I feel that the text or song somehow speaks to me, that it totally fits to my current or even past situation. So when this happens, like I find something like this, I am able to think about it day ‘n’ night all over again. Sometimes I just analyze it till I know what it really mean to me or what it refers to.
But of course, we all have this one thing in common- when we find “the perfect song” which we really like, we listen to it till we are freaking sick of it. 😀 Today I just wanna show you not that well known singers or bands in this whole wide world. Taste of music depends on every single one of us and those artists I am going to show you, I found them like a very short time ago- so get to the point please 😀 – it doesn’t mean that like only this kind of music- I am widely open to other genres, so 🙂 enjoy and sorry this ones kinda long 😛 :))) but I hope it doesn’t matter that much.

Last week, i found this one artist! His name is Jaymes Young. It was kinda by accident , but at this point I believe it was not an accident, it was damn meant to be!  At first I just found one song (I posted him in the last article) – I’ll be good


This whole song (+music video) represents the harm we are constantly doing, if it’s a selfharm or if we harm others. But on the other side it’s representing some newborn forgivness and forgiven conscience.
After that I discovered (felt like an archeologist 😀 ) his first album ‘Dark Star’

-and the whole album is about confused feelings, relationships, fuck ups and things we are basically going through our whole life, every single day. There are sooo many popular singers out there that are more popular than him and I don’t really understand why, because he is way better than some of then will ever be. (highly recommending! 🙂 )


Music is some kind of drug to me, I need it every day and I am feeling weird without it -_- . To be completely honest with you, music saved me a lot of times in different variety of situations and I am so glad! I am sure I am not the only one guys! 🙂 Personally, when I open Youtube, it almost always happens, that I end up at a random channel picking up song I don’t know at all 😀 – did it a few times and it was the best choice!
The name is – Amber Run. I listened to their song “I found”

 It shows exactly what it says- ” I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be” (incredible storyline of the music video!) I might refers to a fight between the classic cliché good & bad or God & Satan etc…

Also their “5am” song

 is awesomly done, so this is a music worth of listening guys!


The next- The XX, I listened to their “Intro” song

in some film a long time ago, but the whole “thing” has been shown to me in Prague by him and it was like a ressurection of music in my head…something incredible in two albums worth of listening!!


The band which he showed me is called VR/NOBODY, and this band …my head exploded after listening to this one- it’s kinda “new” band from Czech Republic and guys, believe me, when you listen to it, your thoughts just stops and you just stare and listen to it because it’s a freaking miracle! I am so happy I got to know this one because I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to stop listening to this! Song “Goodbye” is kinda accurate for me


Thanks to my constant instagram browsing I found the most relaxing music – SG Lewis it doesn’t necessarily be your cup of tea (or beer) but I like it so if you like chill music, music flavour- planet relax- check him out, song “Silence”  (

is stucked in my head for a couple of days 😛


And (finally) last but certainly not least I wanna show and recommend you is- Seafret, particulary the song “Oceans”  (

It has that emotional video music, like when it ends you are just sitting speechless on the chair (if you are that music ad things which are shown in the music video kind of fan ofc) because it all refers to a feeling that a lot of people are struggling with- the feeling of being apart with somebody you love (in this case it’s a mother-daughter thing) whether it is a physical distance of a mental one.


I know that this kind of music might upset somebody or be kinda depressing or whatever, I am sorry, as I said higher I love so many different genres but I discovered those in short time to the past so I wanted to share this “moment” with you, because I know that a lot of people like this kind of music and I am gonna be happy if somebody discovers a new type of music for themselves and also they will be able to spred it to the “music world”.


Maybe in future I’ll show you more from my collection, but that’s for the next article 😉 Thank you so much for reading!


A little trip to my Wonderland

“Wherever you go, take yourself with you”

Hey guys 🙂 Lately I had a lot of work because of my school and stuff but I decided to do this anyway- I went to visit my bestie to my favourite town not so far away from me. Kinda classic for us, to have a night tour de town and of course one bottle of wine is missing now o.O ( not my fault I swear!) but okay not to be such a drunkie, we had an amazing dinner which was made by her boyfriend- I am incredibly happy that she has him by the way, beccause we know each other like 10years and I am glad she has someone who takes care of her in that kind of a big town 🙂 But anyway, I made a loooot of pictures and (of course) I am gonna show you like always! But before that…

I also wanted to talk a little about this- even if you are too far away from each other to meet up once a day or even once a week/2weeks etc, it feel awesomely awesome to see them and feel that nothing really changed. You are talking about usual stuff, eating chocolatte, laughing a lot. You know that better laugh now and enjoy it the most because tomorrow it’s gonna be different. You are gonna come back to the usual stereotype with the same things and a lot of stuff on your “to do” list.
But despite of everything when you are sitting in a train on your way back home you are enjoying the music which you love the most ( for today I picked https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scd-uNNxgrU because it has one of the biggest messages of all of msgs I’ve ever seen in one song, so listen to it if you want, I think it’s worth) and you know that it was freaking real, you know you had a good time with someone who is worth of the whole friendship and suddenly it’s not that bad at all- the leaving part.

Because it was a “heat of the moment” kind of stuff 🙂 he would tell you a lot about it if you would know him.


P.s: promised photos! enjoy

exit to the city

Wanna join me? 🙂


I am sorry but,can you shut the door after you leave please?

me walking

blue sky and green building

bw building weird uhol SNP bw

dead flower flower and fruit

 bw town

couple under the shining moon anonymous

eurovea  yellowclouds

we are wild

SNP half  telephone



I write because nobody listen

Big truth!

it helps me

sometime ago he said: ,,it helps me…”

me fromt he back

but, sorry I am leaving.

Night wanderings #3

“I can’t give you the sunset, but I can give you the night.”

Is this happening just to me all the time or are there other people with the same thing? I mean, the night falls down on the city and you just grab your hoodie and stuff and going to see the “world”…to have a peaceful walk, good music playing from your ipod (my this weeks night wandering song is this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqsL0QQaSP4 so if you are interested, listen to it, because it feels incredible to walk down the street with this in my ears (y) ), enjoying the whole atmosphere, where darkness is hugging you from every single side.
It might be scary sometimes, when it’s after midnight and you are just walking home from some party,bar,meeting whatever and someone (just imagine it!) is following you- yes that would definitely scare the shit out of me -_- . This is not about it 🙂

Another scenario- you are sitting in a lonely room, waiting for something to happen, lighting up your cigarette, drinking coffee from a black cup, sitting on a chair near the window- just like you used to, and thinking. To be honest I am like a overthinking queen, if you would know me folks, you would understand- so where was I? yeah “overthinking factory” 😛 – watching cars in fast motion, watching people walking fast home because it’s freaking cold, because there is somebody waiting for them at home- and then there is the question- Is there somebody waiting for you? Have you ever asked yourself this? after that you’ll just “wake up” that it’s 5am and you are still sitting there and thinking about all the things that might be different today. That’s me, you, you..or even you!

Sometimes it feels so good and relaxing to go out like this and feel free because you know that you don’t have to come home in an hour or two,or that you are hurrying somewhere, but you know as good as I know it’s a temporary thing…at least I hope it is.
Nobody wants to be alone, at least at the very end- but really, I know that is necessary to find it- to find the person who is willing to walk through those dark nights with you.


P.s: I Know that this one is pretty short, but UNI is pressuring me a lot so I have a very little time for other things, like for example life and stuff -_- So also adding some of my new/old night photos 😉 Enjoy!

ghetto grafitti street


Lamp through the leaves

smear legs shadow   leaves street

C by the river  tre lampes

ART as the face of the world

“Nature is a haunted house–but Art–is a house that tries to be haunted.”

I had a Literature and Art class at the monday morning. You would probably think that okay, first class-monday- suicide 😀 but actually no, it woke me up pretty much because it got me thinking about ART in general.

For all the centuries we are followed or accompanied by it. For all those great years, it developed to something bigger than in the past. I mean yeah, it’s still growing, but today- you can see street artist outside, being happy and enjoying his job, you see musicians playing the guitar or singing, you see actors, performing like they are in the theatre.
Conclusion- to make people happy.

My point?
Art makes us the happiest people in the world. You totally know the cliché- EARTH without ART is just EH
So basically we would be nothing without any kind of art.
Art is anything that you can imagine. Something what we can create in out mind but also we are able to create it in a real world.
Art mean to express yourself (it might be the same with the “writing means article” (https://wonderwallphoto.wordpress.com/2015/10/08/writing-means/) – we might consider writing as ART for sure), to tell what do you mean, to give a piece of yourself to the world, to feel so freaking good when somebody likes and appreciate your effort which you gave to all off it.
Art is, to be who you are, even if somebody don’t even like it. You like it and that’s the most important thing here.

We can say that, ART is to leave (too), you are gonna leave your regular path and join the “mad” – “crazy” one. Some psychologist once said, that you have to be 80% mad and 20% normal to be a real artist (#AwkwardJokeForToday)
Art is the real satisfaction of your soul, to feel good and feel free via some kind of art, which you are providing.
For example, for me, it’s photography, writing and drawing. When I do this it feels so…it feels like it was here waiting for me, for all those years, it was hiding the whole time, but I found it and I am really really glad I found it 🙂
It feels great in general, when you come home after a long day in the city you barely know, with beautiful photos in your camera; or to draw something new, you worked on it for several hours; or just write a new article for your blog and see that people actually like it. But okay, that’s just me.

Whatever you are doing, do it with passion and patience and last but not least- with love.

Also, you can’t forget to fuck what others say about you, not being good enough in something, because you’re doing your best and that’s what matters! Don’t let them ruin your day with some bullshit and words that are not even true.

YOU ARE ART- and thats the most important thing here.



If it was that easy, would you even want it?

“The right thing and the easy thing is never the same”

Straight to the thing- today I wanted to talk about “not that easy things” in life. I was thinking for past few days a lot and to speak from my own personal experience is kinda …best in situation like this. I won’t list all the things..just some thoughts I had during those rainy days here.

Have you ever thought about the importance of the “right”? It’s really not easy to become someone you have always wanted to be, because people are just trying to find the “right” person but not to be the “right” one for themselves.
“Right time, right place”, am I right? We can use this sentence in so many situations, but right time to grow up and right place where to grow up would be the best one here.

Everybody always say that “you are the strong to make it”. You must be so tired of it, it’s not freaking easy to be always the strong one…because you really are strong enough, but you are also allowed to feel weak after the whole week of shit that you were listening at school, work, home…You are allowed to do anything and feeel however you want! You are allowed to let go…

I know I talked about friendship not so long time ago (https://wonderwallphoto.wordpress.com/2015/09/09/friendship/), but when I think about todays topic..some relationships are like the BIG TIME and of course not that easy. To keep the bond between two people, who actually don’t really know each other at the very beginning, is something incredible. Sometimes, something (someone) fucks up, I mean, you lose your connection, lack of attention in their worst times, not listening enough- I am certainly guilty of that- but be honest with yourself- what about you?
Friendships are not an easy thing and it hits you even more when you fuck up that much you can’t make it better anymore. But that’s for another topic. So grab your phone write, call, send a pigeon whatever, to a person who you know is worth of it all and write or say a simple “I am sorry”…they will know.
In conclusion- keep the precious friends, don’t let them leave because most of the times the hardest “things” are also the best ones in the same way.

Sometimes I wake up at the morning and truth is that I don’t wanna know how it’s gonna end because some things are better unsaid. But the I wake up for real and realize, that even if it’s not that easy as I expected (as always) I really want it, I want to say something, do something to make it better, not just give up because it’s hard for me to do it.
That’s why you have to take chances and take a lot of them. You’ll learn how to live with your choices after something fucks up, but still, it’s gonna be worth.
Say how you feel and lastly, always be who you are.
After all of this, you can ask yourself if it was easy and you will know the right answer.




p.s2: It’s not easy to reach the light, but when you’ll do, you’ll never want anything else.


Writing means…

“All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.”

What is your first idea, when somebody say a word “writing” ?
Today I wanted to talk about the deeper meaning of writing, as a amateur writer, I am sure that all of you who is writing some kind of blog or stories, or book whatever- has the same feeling as I have 🙂 and I wanted to share them with you.

It started a few days ago at my British Literature lesson at UNI where we discussed Shakespearean sonnets and stuff, my teacher suddenly started to talk about writing in general. He said one interesting sentence:

,,Writing is to leave…”

 I’ve heard it and it got me like..whoa.. It got me thinking about all the things, feelings, emotions, thoughts etc, basically what is the writing giving back to me.

Writing means to express yourself- to feel free to say anything you want (when nobody knows who you are, that one is totally my case 😛 ) To feel the power of the word, being able to use it however you want.

Writing means to leave the reality and be somewhere else, just for a minute or two. Honestly, here you can be who you are, and also stay who you are.
You can lie or tell the biggest truth you are afraid to say for so long. You can say what you really meant that night, when you were too afraid to speak up.

Writing means to do it for you but also for people- to amuse them, to grab their hand and bring them inside of your story, to make them feel what you felt when you were writing those simple sentences, word by word.

Writing means, to dedicate it to somebody who actually give a fuck about what you think. That person really wanted to read “what do you mean” even if he/she doesn’t even know you.

Writing means to help somebody that you don’t even know, to help them with you words.

Writing means to give out the perfect “emotion” you felt when you thought about that one particular event…or person.

Writing is a decision to tell people who you are and let them know that you are not going away. That you will stay here no matter what till the last word, till the last dot at the end of the sentence.

Writing means not to feel lost and alone through the sleepless night. It gives you the energy to know that, when you wake up, you’ll know that some people will take your advice, your thoughts and they will shift them on and on.

Last but not the least thing is that YOU, yes you, who’s reading these sentences, are giving me the strenght to continue this blog 🙂 your attention, your reading  ..all the things are the best things and I appreciate this so so much.
Nothing is better for a writer than wake up at the morning and know that you read it and liked it and you want more.

So I just wanted to thank you all, for everything and “read” you next time 😉


P.s: I wrote this one piece during one lesson at UNI, I can’t be prouder! 😀 and also a little photo 🙂