Writing means…

“All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.”

What is your first idea, when somebody say a word “writing” ?
Today I wanted to talk about the deeper meaning of writing, as a amateur writer, I am sure that all of you who is writing some kind of blog or stories, or book whatever- has the same feeling as I have 🙂 and I wanted to share them with you.

It started a few days ago at my British Literature lesson at UNI where we discussed Shakespearean sonnets and stuff, my teacher suddenly started to talk about writing in general. He said one interesting sentence:

,,Writing is to leave…”

 I’ve heard it and it got me like..whoa.. It got me thinking about all the things, feelings, emotions, thoughts etc, basically what is the writing giving back to me.

Writing means to express yourself- to feel free to say anything you want (when nobody knows who you are, that one is totally my case 😛 ) To feel the power of the word, being able to use it however you want.

Writing means to leave the reality and be somewhere else, just for a minute or two. Honestly, here you can be who you are, and also stay who you are.
You can lie or tell the biggest truth you are afraid to say for so long. You can say what you really meant that night, when you were too afraid to speak up.

Writing means to do it for you but also for people- to amuse them, to grab their hand and bring them inside of your story, to make them feel what you felt when you were writing those simple sentences, word by word.

Writing means, to dedicate it to somebody who actually give a fuck about what you think. That person really wanted to read “what do you mean” even if he/she doesn’t even know you.

Writing means to help somebody that you don’t even know, to help them with you words.

Writing means to give out the perfect “emotion” you felt when you thought about that one particular event…or person.

Writing is a decision to tell people who you are and let them know that you are not going away. That you will stay here no matter what till the last word, till the last dot at the end of the sentence.

Writing means not to feel lost and alone through the sleepless night. It gives you the energy to know that, when you wake up, you’ll know that some people will take your advice, your thoughts and they will shift them on and on.

Last but not the least thing is that YOU, yes you, who’s reading these sentences, are giving me the strenght to continue this blog 🙂 your attention, your reading  ..all the things are the best things and I appreciate this so so much.
Nothing is better for a writer than wake up at the morning and know that you read it and liked it and you want more.

So I just wanted to thank you all, for everything and “read” you next time 😉


P.s: I wrote this one piece during one lesson at UNI, I can’t be prouder! 😀 and also a little photo 🙂


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