If it was that easy, would you even want it?

“The right thing and the easy thing is never the same”

Straight to the thing- today I wanted to talk about “not that easy things” in life. I was thinking for past few days a lot and to speak from my own personal experience is kinda …best in situation like this. I won’t list all the things..just some thoughts I had during those rainy days here.

Have you ever thought about the importance of the “right”? It’s really not easy to become someone you have always wanted to be, because people are just trying to find the “right” person but not to be the “right” one for themselves.
“Right time, right place”, am I right? We can use this sentence in so many situations, but right time to grow up and right place where to grow up would be the best one here.

Everybody always say that “you are the strong to make it”. You must be so tired of it, it’s not freaking easy to be always the strong one…because you really are strong enough, but you are also allowed to feel weak after the whole week of shit that you were listening at school, work, home…You are allowed to do anything and feeel however you want! You are allowed to let go…

I know I talked about friendship not so long time ago (https://wonderwallphoto.wordpress.com/2015/09/09/friendship/), but when I think about todays topic..some relationships are like the BIG TIME and of course not that easy. To keep the bond between two people, who actually don’t really know each other at the very beginning, is something incredible. Sometimes, something (someone) fucks up, I mean, you lose your connection, lack of attention in their worst times, not listening enough- I am certainly guilty of that- but be honest with yourself- what about you?
Friendships are not an easy thing and it hits you even more when you fuck up that much you can’t make it better anymore. But that’s for another topic. So grab your phone write, call, send a pigeon whatever, to a person who you know is worth of it all and write or say a simple “I am sorry”…they will know.
In conclusion- keep the precious friends, don’t let them leave because most of the times the hardest “things” are also the best ones in the same way.

Sometimes I wake up at the morning and truth is that I don’t wanna know how it’s gonna end because some things are better unsaid. But the I wake up for real and realize, that even if it’s not that easy as I expected (as always) I really want it, I want to say something, do something to make it better, not just give up because it’s hard for me to do it.
That’s why you have to take chances and take a lot of them. You’ll learn how to live with your choices after something fucks up, but still, it’s gonna be worth.
Say how you feel and lastly, always be who you are.
After all of this, you can ask yourself if it was easy and you will know the right answer.




p.s2: It’s not easy to reach the light, but when you’ll do, you’ll never want anything else.


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