ART as the face of the world

“Nature is a haunted house–but Art–is a house that tries to be haunted.”

I had a Literature and Art class at the monday morning. You would probably think that okay, first class-monday- suicide 😀 but actually no, it woke me up pretty much because it got me thinking about ART in general.

For all the centuries we are followed or accompanied by it. For all those great years, it developed to something bigger than in the past. I mean yeah, it’s still growing, but today- you can see street artist outside, being happy and enjoying his job, you see musicians playing the guitar or singing, you see actors, performing like they are in the theatre.
Conclusion- to make people happy.

My point?
Art makes us the happiest people in the world. You totally know the cliché- EARTH without ART is just EH
So basically we would be nothing without any kind of art.
Art is anything that you can imagine. Something what we can create in out mind but also we are able to create it in a real world.
Art mean to express yourself (it might be the same with the “writing means article” ( – we might consider writing as ART for sure), to tell what do you mean, to give a piece of yourself to the world, to feel so freaking good when somebody likes and appreciate your effort which you gave to all off it.
Art is, to be who you are, even if somebody don’t even like it. You like it and that’s the most important thing here.

We can say that, ART is to leave (too), you are gonna leave your regular path and join the “mad” – “crazy” one. Some psychologist once said, that you have to be 80% mad and 20% normal to be a real artist (#AwkwardJokeForToday)
Art is the real satisfaction of your soul, to feel good and feel free via some kind of art, which you are providing.
For example, for me, it’s photography, writing and drawing. When I do this it feels so…it feels like it was here waiting for me, for all those years, it was hiding the whole time, but I found it and I am really really glad I found it 🙂
It feels great in general, when you come home after a long day in the city you barely know, with beautiful photos in your camera; or to draw something new, you worked on it for several hours; or just write a new article for your blog and see that people actually like it. But okay, that’s just me.

Whatever you are doing, do it with passion and patience and last but not least- with love.

Also, you can’t forget to fuck what others say about you, not being good enough in something, because you’re doing your best and that’s what matters! Don’t let them ruin your day with some bullshit and words that are not even true.

YOU ARE ART- and thats the most important thing here.



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