Night wanderings #3

“I can’t give you the sunset, but I can give you the night.”

Is this happening just to me all the time or are there other people with the same thing? I mean, the night falls down on the city and you just grab your hoodie and stuff and going to see the “world”…to have a peaceful walk, good music playing from your ipod (my this weeks night wandering song is this so if you are interested, listen to it, because it feels incredible to walk down the street with this in my ears (y) ), enjoying the whole atmosphere, where darkness is hugging you from every single side.
It might be scary sometimes, when it’s after midnight and you are just walking home from some party,bar,meeting whatever and someone (just imagine it!) is following you- yes that would definitely scare the shit out of me -_- . This is not about it 🙂

Another scenario- you are sitting in a lonely room, waiting for something to happen, lighting up your cigarette, drinking coffee from a black cup, sitting on a chair near the window- just like you used to, and thinking. To be honest I am like a overthinking queen, if you would know me folks, you would understand- so where was I? yeah “overthinking factory” 😛 – watching cars in fast motion, watching people walking fast home because it’s freaking cold, because there is somebody waiting for them at home- and then there is the question- Is there somebody waiting for you? Have you ever asked yourself this? after that you’ll just “wake up” that it’s 5am and you are still sitting there and thinking about all the things that might be different today. That’s me, you, you..or even you!

Sometimes it feels so good and relaxing to go out like this and feel free because you know that you don’t have to come home in an hour or two,or that you are hurrying somewhere, but you know as good as I know it’s a temporary thing…at least I hope it is.
Nobody wants to be alone, at least at the very end- but really, I know that is necessary to find it- to find the person who is willing to walk through those dark nights with you.


P.s: I Know that this one is pretty short, but UNI is pressuring me a lot so I have a very little time for other things, like for example life and stuff -_- So also adding some of my new/old night photos 😉 Enjoy!

ghetto grafitti street


Lamp through the leaves

smear legs shadow   leaves street

C by the river  tre lampes

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