A little trip to my Wonderland

“Wherever you go, take yourself with you”

Hey guys 🙂 Lately I had a lot of work because of my school and stuff but I decided to do this anyway- I went to visit my bestie to my favourite town not so far away from me. Kinda classic for us, to have a night tour de town and of course one bottle of wine is missing now o.O ( not my fault I swear!) but okay not to be such a drunkie, we had an amazing dinner which was made by her boyfriend- I am incredibly happy that she has him by the way, beccause we know each other like 10years and I am glad she has someone who takes care of her in that kind of a big town 🙂 But anyway, I made a loooot of pictures and (of course) I am gonna show you like always! But before that…

I also wanted to talk a little about this- even if you are too far away from each other to meet up once a day or even once a week/2weeks etc, it feel awesomely awesome to see them and feel that nothing really changed. You are talking about usual stuff, eating chocolatte, laughing a lot. You know that better laugh now and enjoy it the most because tomorrow it’s gonna be different. You are gonna come back to the usual stereotype with the same things and a lot of stuff on your “to do” list.
But despite of everything when you are sitting in a train on your way back home you are enjoying the music which you love the most ( for today I picked https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scd-uNNxgrU because it has one of the biggest messages of all of msgs I’ve ever seen in one song, so listen to it if you want, I think it’s worth) and you know that it was freaking real, you know you had a good time with someone who is worth of the whole friendship and suddenly it’s not that bad at all- the leaving part.

Because it was a “heat of the moment” kind of stuff 🙂 he would tell you a lot about it if you would know him.


P.s: promised photos! enjoy

exit to the city

Wanna join me? 🙂


I am sorry but,can you shut the door after you leave please?

me walking

blue sky and green building

bw building weird uhol SNP bw

dead flower flower and fruit

 bw town

couple under the shining moon anonymous

eurovea  yellowclouds

we are wild

SNP half  telephone



I write because nobody listen

Big truth!

it helps me

sometime ago he said: ,,it helps me…”

me fromt he back

but, sorry I am leaving.

5 thoughts on “A little trip to my Wonderland

  1. Je to úžasné stretávať sa s niekým, koho dlho poznáme, aj keď nie každý týždeň alebo mesiac je to možné..no nájsť si čas a vypadnúť troška z rutiny. Ja mám kamarátku, s ktorou sa vidíme bohužiaľ iba raz do roka, no vždy si máme toho toľko čo povedať. Hneď je ten týždeň úplne iný. 🙂

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