The Major music storm

“Some people have lives; some people have music.”

Hey folks! 🙂 As I told you some articles ago, I am a “overthinking queen” so this was meant to come from the very beginning- me talking about lyrics from songs.
I am pretty sure that this happens to a lot of you people like all the time- that you just find some text or song that totally suits you in every single way. Like, I mean that you read it or listen to it and the world suddenly freezes and you are just sitting there and staring at basically nothing, thinking , what the hell I just heard, (or read)?
For me it’s like when you are nervous and you have butterflies in your stomach – because I feel that the text or song somehow speaks to me, that it totally fits to my current or even past situation. So when this happens, like I find something like this, I am able to think about it day ‘n’ night all over again. Sometimes I just analyze it till I know what it really mean to me or what it refers to.
But of course, we all have this one thing in common- when we find “the perfect song” which we really like, we listen to it till we are freaking sick of it. 😀 Today I just wanna show you not that well known singers or bands in this whole wide world. Taste of music depends on every single one of us and those artists I am going to show you, I found them like a very short time ago- so get to the point please 😀 – it doesn’t mean that like only this kind of music- I am widely open to other genres, so 🙂 enjoy and sorry this ones kinda long 😛 :))) but I hope it doesn’t matter that much.

Last week, i found this one artist! His name is Jaymes Young. It was kinda by accident , but at this point I believe it was not an accident, it was damn meant to be!  At first I just found one song (I posted him in the last article) – I’ll be good


This whole song (+music video) represents the harm we are constantly doing, if it’s a selfharm or if we harm others. But on the other side it’s representing some newborn forgivness and forgiven conscience.
After that I discovered (felt like an archeologist 😀 ) his first album ‘Dark Star’

-and the whole album is about confused feelings, relationships, fuck ups and things we are basically going through our whole life, every single day. There are sooo many popular singers out there that are more popular than him and I don’t really understand why, because he is way better than some of then will ever be. (highly recommending! 🙂 )


Music is some kind of drug to me, I need it every day and I am feeling weird without it -_- . To be completely honest with you, music saved me a lot of times in different variety of situations and I am so glad! I am sure I am not the only one guys! 🙂 Personally, when I open Youtube, it almost always happens, that I end up at a random channel picking up song I don’t know at all 😀 – did it a few times and it was the best choice!
The name is – Amber Run. I listened to their song “I found”

 It shows exactly what it says- ” I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be” (incredible storyline of the music video!) I might refers to a fight between the classic cliché good & bad or God & Satan etc…

Also their “5am” song

 is awesomly done, so this is a music worth of listening guys!


The next- The XX, I listened to their “Intro” song

in some film a long time ago, but the whole “thing” has been shown to me in Prague by him and it was like a ressurection of music in my head…something incredible in two albums worth of listening!!


The band which he showed me is called VR/NOBODY, and this band …my head exploded after listening to this one- it’s kinda “new” band from Czech Republic and guys, believe me, when you listen to it, your thoughts just stops and you just stare and listen to it because it’s a freaking miracle! I am so happy I got to know this one because I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to stop listening to this! Song “Goodbye” is kinda accurate for me


Thanks to my constant instagram browsing I found the most relaxing music – SG Lewis it doesn’t necessarily be your cup of tea (or beer) but I like it so if you like chill music, music flavour- planet relax- check him out, song “Silence”  (

is stucked in my head for a couple of days 😛


And (finally) last but certainly not least I wanna show and recommend you is- Seafret, particulary the song “Oceans”  (

It has that emotional video music, like when it ends you are just sitting speechless on the chair (if you are that music ad things which are shown in the music video kind of fan ofc) because it all refers to a feeling that a lot of people are struggling with- the feeling of being apart with somebody you love (in this case it’s a mother-daughter thing) whether it is a physical distance of a mental one.


I know that this kind of music might upset somebody or be kinda depressing or whatever, I am sorry, as I said higher I love so many different genres but I discovered those in short time to the past so I wanted to share this “moment” with you, because I know that a lot of people like this kind of music and I am gonna be happy if somebody discovers a new type of music for themselves and also they will be able to spred it to the “music world”.


Maybe in future I’ll show you more from my collection, but that’s for the next article 😉 Thank you so much for reading!


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