A very long walk

,,Wanna meet up tomorrow?”
,,Sure, let me check the train.”

Hey there! 🙂 Yesterday I finally after such a long time went back to one of my favourite towns. Honestly it was a very very nice day- I would describe it like silent and relaxing one and since I don’t really have many of them these days, I am super grateful to my friend, who took me to places I’ve never been to, even if I know the town a little more.
Chronology of today:
1.Old train depo
2.”Park forest”
3. Story

Everybody needs a day like this once in the while, because the stereotype and the “autumn time” would kill us in a month or two. Just chill a little and do just things what YOU like.
It’s good to dust down your phone and call him/her to bring a camera and here we go! Honestly I took so many photos you can’t even imagine (yes again!)- I told it actually to my friend and he was like- omg every week you have another trip to somewhere!! 😀 TBH, I would be so glad if this was happening every single week because as you now I really love travelling and exploring new places and of course – capturing everything what I consider somehow interesting, but unfortunatelly I can’t do it whenever I want -_- and that’s frustrating – but that’s life.

So I took the train and travelled about one hour to the old town to meet my friend who took me to an old train depo- perfect place for photos guys!! Just imagine totally fucked up weedy building covered in graffiti and broken glass. Okay, sounds dangerous as well but I had to see it all! I was kinda terrified when I first saw it, like imagine that you would find something (or someone ) dead there…but me and my friend agreed, that that place would be perfect for throw some huge urban party up there! There were also an underground tunels underneath the depo but I wasn’t that brave to go down there and swim in a complete darkness just with the light from my phone because we didn’t have a propper flashlight.
Anyway- photos are ready for you!!

a way to depo  THE RAVEN

bw depo standing on the door  creepy destroyed halls

surroundings- depo nature walking

bw stairs cupola bw from the stairs

panorama depo 2

   light!! lonely window- burned room

depo roof 2 depo roof

depo bw windows, standing on the roof

light!!   DEPO bw

I know I added a lot of pictures, but I just wanted you to see everything I’ve seen and if you are a fan of old buildings you should really visit this place you will certainly not regret your decision at all 🙂 When I come inside to some building like this I can immediately imagine all the “stories” that happened there- it has some secret hidden in the walls and you can see it when you enter.

I would consider myself a very weird and strange person because as you can see old destroyed buildings and the next thing I wanted to show you is a beautiful nature park playing with colours. So we are moving from black ‘n’ white to colours- yayy! 😀

As we were passing through, a lot of families were there, so many children even people jogging or cycling. It felt so good to see so many people and still feel the relax and silence in the “forest”. It is such a beautiful place to just go for a walk after Sunday lunch or whatever with your friends or family. Enjoy the view 😉

high green trees silent forest

girl and the yellow leaf

colours hand in hand   hello from the other side

light from the woater   brown leaf in my hand

This is what I love about autumn- the wide variety of endless pallet of colours. You turn your head left or right and all you can see are different tones of orange, yellow, red, green and brown and it feels so warm even there’s no warm weather at all.

Anyway after a long long looong walk we finally came back to the town and decided to grab some beer and just chill and relax after this exhausting trip. As we sat there and we had an interesting conversation about philosophy of past and past stuff and of course memories from our childhood plus drunk memories included (wide pallet of fuck ups? 😀 ) etc etc…
A little boy (like 3-4 year old) went out from the restaurant (we were sitting outside at that time) with his dad. Dad went to the left but the boy stopped and he shrieked with his cute voice that he wanna go to the right. Dad asked him why he wanna go and the boy didn’t reply anything just smiled. Dad started to laugh and asked him- ,,You wanna press “his” nose right?” – by HIS he meant this: (I showed you this in an old article called “In love with…” I guess, but anyway)

 in love with different kinds of moods

The little boy started to laugh and dad told him to press it and come back. So he did it and when he went around me he stopped and looked me dying from laughter, because it was so cute you would die if you would see it- the kiddos naivity and happiness in one. I am so glad for that moment because it really made me feel like a child for a second- naive, happy, simple minded child.

To sum up this whole day? I am still so tired right now even if I slept at night, but it was a very nice day as I said- the one you really need to experience and then you can sit on your couch after you’ll come home exhausted af and smile honestly, like I did.

Thank you for finishing my piece to the end! It means so much to me 🙂


6 thoughts on “A very long walk

  1. Trošku mi to síce trvalo, kým som si to prečítala, ale takýto typ blogov som zrovna aj hľadala a som veľmi rada, že som naň práve natrafila. Prechádzka mohla byť super, aj mňa to láka do lesa, aj keď tú starú budovu by som asi neriskla. 😀 No fotky sú úžasné… 🙂 až desivé

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Napísala som naozaj dlhý comment ale neodoslalo sa, tak to skúsim ešte raz 😅🙏🏻
      Na začiatok veľmi pekne ďakujem že si si prečítala môj príspevok aj keď mohol byť kinda ťažší vzhľadom na angličtinu, tak ako je ťažšie pre mňa sa niekedy vyjadrovať po slovensky lebo keďže študujem anj tak je to taká choroba z povolania sa vyjadrovať po slovensky keď si v jednom “švungu” 😄 Následne som veľmi potešená že sa ti páči môj blog, dáva mi veľa práce a snažím sa aby bol čo najlepší aj keď sa mi to často nedarí ( ale tak úprimne kto je vo všetkom najlepší? 🙃🙄)
      Čo sa týka opustenej budovy tak tam by som ja osobne sama nikdy nešla 😅 ale na druhej strane to bolo fascinujúce vidieť, snažím sa nešpecifikovať moju prácu na “dark places” ale niekedy mi to nedá 😄 a ten les sa nachádza v Trnave ak by si mala záujem ho navštíviť ☺️🙏🏻 úplne som sa do neho zamilovala!
      Thanks a lot once again 😇✍🏻

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Je to super, že píšeš v angličtine, ja by som si nikdy netrúfala, aj keď by som rada hovorila plynule a vedela sa lepšie vyjadrovať. 🙂 Je vidieť, že si dávaš záležať na príspevkoch, palec hore! Možno mi čítanie tvojich príspevkov nakoniec aj pomôže… 🙂 Trnava je na skok, takže dobré vedieť. 🙂 Už len nájsť si čas… 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ďakujem krásne za pozitívne a povzbudivé slová 😊👌🏻 aj napriek všetkému -každý je dobrý v niečom inom a to nás robí výnimočnými 😌
        Čo sa týka času,niekedy je škoda, že deň má len 24hodín, ak budeš môcť a si fanúšikom veľmi farebnej prírody určite sa tam choď pozrieť! Odporúčam 👍🏻😊

        Liked by 1 person

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