The moment of support △

,,I’m gonna be brave and I’ll be here for you!”

We all have those days – feeling “out of tune” or just out of your regular mood. Even if we won’t admit it, we need to hear some calming words – words that makes us feel a little (or maybe even a lot) better and also warm in the same way.

This is what I am talking about – SUPPORT.

Today I’m going to show you both sides of this topic. There are so many people out there, doing things that deserve to be supported. For example here on WordPress, when I see (or even anywhere in other social media), who is somehow talented and (even just for me) wort of the “nice and appreciating words” I’ll write to the particular person because I really like what he/she is doing and I want them to know it!
Because of one simple reason- You can’t even imagine, how much it means for a painter, a writer or whatever photographer if somebody totally random gives him a praise or appreciation and respect. It’s pushing them on in their work, to reach his/hers goals in their kind of ART, or just to make them smile for a second, because someone pissed them off during the day and your words helped them to swallow all of the hatred they carried inside of them.

If you have somebody who really, truly supports you in your “thing”, be grateful – because so many people are just being fake and talking shit behind your back  about something what you are passionate about and after that you meet you and talking the opposite.This is it! People are just constantly hiding behind their insecurities, because they are simply scared, or…have nobody to support them, even they won’t admit it and staying bitter in their shady fake shelter.

There are sometimes those times when you ask yourself: ,,Am I just wasting my time?” ...just because nobody likes your new article even if you tried so hard to write your best at night, you feel unappreciated from the side of your mother because she doesn’t really understand the purpose and the whole point of what you are exactly doing here. There is always a solution: I think that when you really have literally nobody to support you in what you love doing, just simply fuck it- I mean, be a strong person and do it for yourself and don’t remember to keep going- be your own support, tell your brain not even thing about shutting off, tell him that it doesn’t matter, just don’t give up, okay? In some situations you just have to be your own hero, it takes time to understand all of this (‘ve been there, ‘ve done that) I know that this is not perfect at all right now but if you”ll sit around, giving up because at this one period you have a lack of support, life is gonna pass you by while you’re eating ice cream in your pyjamas…just think about it 🙂


A few days ago, I was scrolling down the WordPress Reader and I found one article that caught my attention- kinda about listening to others (here is the link, I hope it’s okay – ) and I immediately wrote to the author some supportive words, because actually I really liked that one- she was thankful for those words of mine and I don’t know how, but I somehow I was able to feel her happiness too! her reaction just made my day, thumbs up!

In conclusion- I think that sometimes everybody needs some encouraging words to let them know (even if we don’t know them) that we get it, we get them and we supporting their “creative actions” in a true way.

Be here for them and don’t let them quit, because someday when they’ll become famous, they might thank particulary you in their “award speech” or #WeakJokeTuesday (y)

Anyway, big thank you for finishing my todays piece


P.s: If we dig deeper, even this is a support in some way and it has a deeper meaning for me, it’s up to you to find “your thing” in those photos 😉

sunrise stripes

bw roof mlyny downstairs  

roof BORY

bw mlyny roof lights

15 thoughts on “The moment of support △

  1. Aj mne sa stane občas, že žiaden komentár dlhú dobu, žiadne povzbudivé slová, no zamyslím sa, však to píšem aj kvôli sebe, kvôli tomu, že mám z toho radosť. No niekedy naozaj poteší a nakopne, keď niekto vyjadrí, že to, čo robím je dobré a niekomu sa to páči. Hneď mám krajší deň a chuť pokračovať a zlepšovať sa. A týmto komentárom chcem tiež povedať, že si to krásne napísala! A píšeš naozaj skvele a dúfam budeš ešte veľmi dlho písať a ja ťa budem čítať veľmi rada! 🙂 Lebo ti to ide!

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    1. Ďakujem veľmi pekne za povzbudivé slová, vždy si rada vypočujem pozitivne, ale aj negatívne reakcie, ale to má asi každý- každopádne nejde ani tak o písanie ako o všeobecnú rovinu- teda môže to spadať pod “doslova” všetko na Čo si spomenieme a čo sa nám pod pojmom “podpora” zobrazí v hlave! Inak ďakujem za prelúskanie tohoto článku, cením si to! ☺️👌🏻👍🏻

      Liked by 1 person

    2. THANK YOU! You are right on about supporting others. So many times, I’ve been shot down, however, It’s Time to NOT give up – to keep on writing – taking photographs and seeking my dreams. That’s what I’m doing. And I see that’s what you are doing. Your SUPPORT affirms that I continue to move in the right direction. Thank you again. ~ Anita

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      1. Ladies and gents, this is why I write!! Oh my…I can’t even say how much this comment made me happy Anita! Thank you so much for such a warming and nice words, this support of yours is making me realize why I need to and want to continue my blog and writing and things in general, because it’s really not just about writing- it’s about everything in life, not to give up but even if something goes wrong, being your own hero at least for that minute is the best you can do! Thank you again for this, it means so much to me!! 😊 -N.

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  2. Thanks for noticing and commenting on my design. You made my day. So you’re truly walking your talk – being supportive to others…and it will come back to you in positive ways. Love the photo of the sunset through the windows. You have a great eye for angles.

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    1. I mentioned that in this article, if I see some artist who is worth of noticing I immediately tell him because if I like something I am not ashamed to say it out loud! Thank you for your respond,nice words, always trying my best 😊👍🏻


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