Choose your morning path

“You must wake up in the morning thinking of things you could change in and about your life on a daily basis.”


Today I woke up as usual- too early for me (thanks mom -_-“) and went out with the dog. This is what I saw. It made me actually wake up a little bit more because I went out like half asleep and the sun just gave me some energy. So basically the picture was taken literally like 5 minutes ago.
Anyway, the picture refers one thing to me- two parts of the world- the light one and the one which is not that light- dark. Ask me, you can always choose. You have aways a choice and it’s up to you and nobody else which one you’re gonna pick. I think sometimes it’s kinda hard to know which one to take, because you are  (maybe) too young to know which one is the right one, but at the end you’ll know, believe me 🙂 Just do what you love and what you need to make yourself happy and things will work out exactly how are they supposed to!


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