Do you wanna go for a walk?

,,Taking photos and going out for a walk is kind of a therapy for me…”

smear night

Yesterday I got this interesting comment from one of the bloggers here on wordpress, with which I was completely on the same wave , (the first sentence up there,I don’t have to quote it, but the person will definitely know 🙂 ). My walks are mostly happening at night but of course- we are all individuals. That feeling when you just step out to the slightly freezing evening, turning on the music and suddenly, you are turning off the world. Walking means a lot for me, whether I am walking alone or with some person. It’s always an adventure, it doesn’t matter that it’s just a little one and somebody could think that kinda unimportant, but not for me. You can go around the same place/building like 100 times and say that’s just the same place you’ve seen yesterday, but I would find at least one new detail on it, because it matters for me, it’s how I see the world. Walking is a therapy, you are on a move and also your thoughts are on the move. A lot can change in one walk.

smear dog benches BA


14 thoughts on “Do you wanna go for a walk?

      1. For me the most powerful and special part of the day is very early morning, for the simple reason that because of my job I have to go to bed early (I am a baker) and I always miss the lovely evenings which really bugs me sometimes but I am used to it now and love it the way it is. Being out walking is fantastic any time of the day!!

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  1. Walking is the best and safest exercise you can do. And, it cleanses the soul. Since I have an autoimmune illness that causes chronic pain, my walks have shortened. But, after taking up photography, it has taken me away from the pain and has put things in perspective. Thank you for sharing

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  2. I’m so with you! As you can tell probably by looking at my blog, I am constantly walking around at night and when the bite of impending Winter can be felt, it makes it all the more ‘in the moment’. Great post!

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