Say something

“…it only takes one voice, at the right pitch, to start an avalanche.”

night light

Even if today was kind of a better day in some ways, I decided to talk about something what is not that positive in general- being afraid to speak up.There are lot of people in this world who – when it comes to that – never say a word when something’s happening, either in their life or if they have to speak up for some other person. Okay, being afraid is perfectly normal, being scared that at the end you will come out as the worst one, okay- everything’s okay, but (!) if not, then you will help yourself, or the satisfaction from helping the others is worth of it all. Yes, sometimes, it can be hard to distinguish yes or no, but if you feel that it’s right, then it’s right. Words are here for communication, so say something before it’s too late.

N. night light 2

P.s: Why those photos? Yes, say something before the light goes off.

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