Fly away with me

“The more real you get the more unreal the world gets. ”


,,Sometimes, I just want to leave and never come back.”  Like those balloons in the photo, needing to fly away with them. You all had this in your head at least like 10 times in your whole life. I can say that it’s my dream to finish university and just leave…of course I wanna come back, but not that soon. Just to rest from this state, relax, feel the free will of mine,not having to explain things all over again. Let’s face it- reality. It’s kinda hard to live your life when you have expectations from every single side. School, grades, parents, work, home, friends…they all expect you to do something, say something, be someone. I wanna be someone who I wanna be someone, who is not pretending anything, who is the way she is.

Point of view for today? Balloons. Figure it out.


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