Take chances and take a lot of them

,,In the very very end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”


Today I was thinking about all chances in life. Chance for job, school, to stand up for yourself maybe  …chances to even talk to somebody without feeling your knees shaking like crazy. People are so scared in general, of taking chances because they are terrified of loosing something what is important and sometimes even precious for them. That’s why they are not taking chances and staying on the one same place, with their roots very deep, inside of the ground. Change is good from time to time. Take chances (wisely) when you have a opportunity.

,,What if something fails?” Typical question. Wanna answer? It’s a big part of LIFE- life with ups and downs, life with good/messed up things…sometimes you even have to kneel because you are down, but there are still so many beautiful things in life and you know it very well. But still, if you think it’s worth of your time,it has some point and ofc progress (because you know it’s gonna have some impact on your life too) you totally take the chance, whatever it is. Don’t ever do anything you don’t want to do and last but not least try not to expect that much (in general) because when you do, you mostly end up disappointed. And I know that you don’t really want to. You are the one who’s gonna deal with your actions. Hope you’ll take the right ones.


P.s: I was walking down the street and saw this old tree which stands there like probably my whole life, this is reflecting the roots, not taking chance if you have one because you are scared..change it and you will see that you’ll feel much better!

5 thoughts on “Take chances and take a lot of them

  1. Love it! Life taught me to take risks, otherwise you will always stay in that little box hidden from every chance that might appear to you.
    Keep it up! And feel free to check my blog if you want 🙂


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