What is your perspective?

“It is a narrow mind which cannot look at a subject from various points of view.”

  perspective 1  perspective 2

Here’s the thing. When you bring 50 different people, let them stand abreast and tell them one thing, which they are supposed to think about, they will tell you 50 different opinions about it.
My point?
We are all individuals and we are allowed to have our own opinion on anything. We are allowed to think free, to see things from another perspective or from our own angle . If one person thinks from below, another person can speculate about things from above, from right,from left, from freaking every single side that exist. Don’t ever let anybody to think for you, do your own decisions because you are here for you not for anybody else.
The one important thing is- be yourself, because being yourself doesn’t mean being weird, it means being unique. You know that nobody’s ever gonna be who you are and do the same things the same way you did. Even if it’s the most bizarre thing ever, you know that it’s your special thing, which you are passionate about. Let it be that way and be happy about it, because not everybody has the opportunity of doing something what he/she love. Be you.


P.s: Two different perspectives? Or no?

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