“Is it working?” she asked me.
“How can I tell?”
“If you can breathe, then it’s working.”

scary sunset

This life is a circle of moments. It’s mostly about the breathtaking situations, events, looking to somebody’s eyes, being scared and on the other hand not being scared enough, looking at the pictures from the past knowing it will never happen again. Things we will remember forever.
Sometimes at the end of the day, I forget how to breathe and have to start from beginning. Sometimes I just forget how to do it again…how to repeat the thing I am supposed to do my whole life, because I am confused and don’t know how to continue. The moment,the last second decides- breathing in and out, I am supposed to do that, right? I am supposed to live and be here for all the people, do so many amazing things, meet so many new people, go out there and see the world, so basically what I and so many of you always wanted to do….it’s just about breathing about saving yourself with this simple operation. People want you to do that, want you to stay with them, because they want you.

So, are you nervous?
Don’t forget to breathe.


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