Do you wanna stop the time?

,,Just stop…okay?”


Todays weather? Totally matching my mood- rainy rainy rainy! Do you like ever wish to stop the time? Literally, just freeze it in the best situations? Or okay, just freeze it before the bad’s gonna happen and you know it’s gonna happen. So sometimes I am wishing the time would stop and I had more time…for everything. Those moments you really wanna prolong and stay inside of them forever, because as you know, the day has (only) 24 hours and you can’t really do everything you wanted to do that particular day. Maybe out of lazyness but also out of not having enough time, because work, school etc etc…Focusing is such a hard thing to do, like seriously,there are days, when I am really trying to focus on one thing, but sooo many things in my head are trying to eat me alive and that’s not something which I wanna have in my life till the end! Try to plan out your day, try to find time for people you wanna be with, try not to think about negative stuff even if it’s kinda hard, try to solve everything what needs to be solved. Try to be here for others, but also be here for yourself, don’t ever forget that.


P.s: Rainy day? Rainy music is coming! 🙂

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