When the darkness is too dark

“It’s OKAY to be scared. Being scared means you’re about to do something really, really brave.”


sunset path 1

I think we all got into a situations in life, even periods that we are genuinely scared. It might be a family situation, school stuff, tense in relationships. I am not trying to be negative or whatever, but I can feel that this topic is kinda accurate in so many peoples lives right now. Every single person is scared of something. If they say they are not, surely they are anyway. So basically, I know we are all individuals and we have our own scares and maybe even scars from past/present…

As I was scrolling through the WordPress, reading about problems of so many people or that they are struggling with some kind of happening in their life, I started to think about so many different kinds of troubles which people are in, also in which I am too.
We are all going through the period when we feel down and anybody understand us, basically we are feeling alone etc etc, but believe me there will always be that one person who’s gonna care and you will discover that person at the end, I am sure.

Tbh, there is nothing worse than being scared of your own acting in life, that you will look over your shoulder and you will see  3 or 4 years which flew through your fingers like nothing,of your own future,when you don’t really know how you’ll continue doing stereotypical things all over again, and you know it’s there even if you say the exact opposite. You just won’t admit it, because the minute you admit such a strong and difficult thing, then you know it’s really happening. The time that you are not admitting something, you are just using for hiding it a burying it in your mind and trying to get more time before you really admit it and admit that it is happening.

Being scared of people hurting you? Yea that happens. You open up to people and after some time you will end up being a good friends spending so much time together, and people will literally fuck with you ad just all of the sudden stop talking to you. They just don’t want to be responsible/commitment, because responsibility is not okay- is very hard and difficult (you know that I am just being sarcastic right?). Then you are the one who end up being abandoned and being alone. Then it’s up to you to stand up on your own feet and (my favourite sentence of this year) be your own hero and save yourself because you know that’s how it supposed to be.

You have a opportunity to talk and you don’t say a word? You being scared to say something you have to say because your inside world needs you to say that? Of course, that happens a lot in this generation. People tend to not to say nothing because they are scared of the consequences and the ending and the whole impact. It might be connected to the fact that you are scared to be brave. Being brave is kinda difficult when you are about to do something hard for you.

Have you ever asked yourself if you are scared of loosing? Loosing in life, that you are just gonna loose it and leave and never come back? Kinda exciting but not in that good way. You are just gonna pack your stuff because you are tired of the circle of things, people yelling,suddenly the darkness is too dark for you...that you are just gonna shut off and never gonna turn on again? It can happen, believe me or not. Like okay, everybody needs their own space, to calm themselves, to cry their eyes of and feel better after that. You know that, I know that.

SO in conclusion…I have a question for you. Are you brave enough to fight it through? Because if you are, then you won in life and you know that you will fight anything.

I hope every single one of you will fight their own scares, nightmares and just simply will enjoy their life and won’t miss anything. It’s okay to be scared, we are just people and we are allowed to be scared of anything, just don’t let them see that. Because that’s how it supposed to be, right?


P.s: I went out a few days ago and say this it gave me this idea- don’t ever be scared to walk on this sunset path alone, because you never know who you can meet! 🙂

sunset path 2


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