The best I can

,,What should I do?”

Some time ago I was writing about decisions and taking chances and just people stuff in general. Recently, I’ve read a book about getting to know yourself and to think about your values and to really get to know yourself with help of other people. It gave me an idea about this new article, because it is important to understand how people decide in particular moments, how we understand their actions etc.

Every single human being, have at least this one expectation from life: To do the best what he/she can in everything what are they doing. That’s like a self motivation in life, something they wanna achieve, and they know if they’ll achieve that it’s gonna be kind of a life goal. People tend to do the best they can in that one particular moment. They don’t even have to really know what is the “very best thing” for them according to what is he/she able to do at that time. Have you even thought about this? Like, I mean, what if it’s really like this?
Some people might think that it’s kind of a hard topic. Do you think that you can name some people who should get a “wake up call” from life? I mean in term, that you don’t really agree with their actions but they do agree and they are doing things like nothing’s happening.
Give it a try.

For example, take a little kid. Little, sweet kid, not really have to think about his/hers actions and its conclusion or impact. But still, they do the best that they can, they don’t really think about it, but at least their actions are honest and not trying to fake it and make it better just to amaze somebody. It is such a natural thing to do, and I would say also kinda exculpatory.

When I look in to the mirror I am always trying to be honest in front of myself and say to myself that in every thing I did, I did my best and I did everything I could to make things happen, to end things, not to just give up because it’s hard or I think it is just impossible. I was able to think about things and I came to the decision that it’s true and my conscience can be clear, at least for now. This is a real exculpatory.
But yea, still, you can say the total opposite- I should do better I was able to do better but I didn’t because I was…(scared, lazy, didn’t care that much…etc- add a word that fits you there) or – I didn’t really took the chance, it might have been a chance of my life…
Yea, of course, after that is coming a little disappointment – I mean, you make yourself to feel guilty and you are just punishing yourself. But that is not making you happy neither healthy neither anything. So no, you don’t really have to do that to yourself.

I would really like to believe that people are always doing the best they can.

If you really can admit this, I mean- truly admit it, then it can change a lot of things. It can change your relationships or meetings, also in times when you don’t like the particular person you are talking to right now. Just remind yourself that the person is doing everything and the best he/she can, even if it’s so hard to understand it. A lot can change if you change the “look” you are giving to some people.

Try to think about it and think also about yourself and your actions. What would you like to change? If there something you wanna change?


P.s Do it.

the best I can


8 thoughts on “The best I can

  1. Hey WonderWallPhoto! 😉 I really liked this blog post, you really motivated me and inspired me. My favourite thing was the taking action part. Yes, so many of us think it through too much when actually it’s very simple! Just do it. Don’t think, do it. NOW. Remember when you said you were going to go to the gym tomorrow? Didn’t happen did it? Do it now! Anyway, I’m a new blogger. Hope to see more of your stuff! ;D

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  2. A nice thought-provoking post. My particular perspective focuses on the expectations of myself, which can distort how one determines whether one is doing their best. Like just about every other personality trait, being a perfectionist can be a positive quality or a negative quality. Great photographers and poets became great because they pushed themselves, sough the perfect word, the perfect angle with the lighting. Yet it can so easily slip into a dysfunctional perfectionism. That is, setting up expectations for one’s self that are impossible to achieve and then berating one’s self for not achieving the impossible.

    I suffer not only from this dysfunctional version of perfectionism, but also have weaved, not surprisingly, into my manic-depression. Too often this has resulted in the mindset of “It has to be perfectly done, but that is impossible, so there’s no point of even trying to do it.” It creates a kind of paralysis and stagnation that in mind is completely justifiable.

    Learning to have realistic expectations along with the mindset of “just do as best as one can, regardless of the outcome” has been a long challenging road for me. Thanks for the reminder of this important question we need to ask ourselves.

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  3. I feel like I am doing my best, but then someone or something make me reaalize I’m not doing my best–I can do better. Which makes me think that people think they are doing their best, but they are not. They can do better than they think, right now.I have to think about things that I can change right now

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