Don’t be so hard on yourself

,,Everyone trips, everyone falls”

I am being so amazed everyday. Do you know why? There are so many things that can happen in one day also 100 moods that can be switched, feelings that can be found or being broken. It’s like this: Sometimes you feel kinda down, don’t know where do you belong, like a black cloud hugged you and don’t want to let you go, you feel that people betrayed you, it will never be the same and you can’t ever forgive them. I am gonna give you one good advice- If you are thinking about forgiveness, firstly you have to learn how to forgive yourself. You have to forgive yourself everything what you did to yourself and was bad about the situation, because you tried to blame it all on you not once, but two or three times. That’s when you really move on, because before that, you will feel that something’s missing. That’s why I am saying- Please, don’t be so hard on yourself. It will all be all good, draw a smile on your face,( a real smile) and let the wounds heal with a little help of time.

Nothing will ever be done at the same minute you want it, you have to wait and know that at the end it will be worth.


P.s: You will get yourself from this darkness, because you are such a strong person, yes you!

dont be so hard

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