This is about You


We are going through so many things. Some of them speak to us, some of them makes us feel shit, some of them allow us to explore new things,some of them even scream for help, but some of them will change us forever.

So many occasions, so many happenings, so many chances to something or maybe not to do anything.

It may be the weird past or whatever, but it’s still gonna be here, no matter what you do or no matter what you say. But still it’s up to you, how are you gonna deal with it.But firstly, don’t let it to usurp you and don’t ever let it win, you have to fight for yourself here. You have to know what’s best for you and I know that you can make it. You have to decide about how’s your future gonna be. Please, decide the best you can.


P.s: Climb this fence and you will see the sun at the horizon, I am sure 🙂


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