Next time, I’ll know better

,,I need to go now, okay?”

Is it just me, or you also have those mornings? When you just wake up and realize so many things. You realize what was wrong, what was okay but still kinda don’t know what are you gonna do, or where are you gonna go?

It’s like this- You were still holding the door for people, who didn’t even deserved it- but still it was your choice so you can’t be angry, you decided to hold the freaking door for them! This is the generation of “using”, at least most of the time. You would give your finger to them and they will eat your whole arm. You would give them your everything and at the end they will just laugh at you. I am not even going to ask my usual “Who (the fuck) does that”, because at this point I know that a lot of people do.

It’s never too late to realize your real value and stop doing what you don’t even like, just to be with people who don’t deserve your attention. But still, it’s all up to you, you are responsible for your actions.

By the way, next time, I’ll know better. Thanks.


P.s: Leave this tunnel, just go and don’t look over your shoulder.


3 thoughts on “Next time, I’ll know better

  1. No, not only you are thinking in that way. The idea is that there are too many people who do not deserve to be taken into account. And you know what, next time you will do the same. Because good people care about others, no matter how they behave.

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