Mood here, mood there

,,What’s happening?”

clouds 2

Yesterday I was walking to university and I was looking at the sky for a few moments, thinking about one special thing what most of the people have: moodyness. I am sure that this word doesn’t really exist and I just made it up, but basically what I meant by that – changing moods like socks. Basics- good mood/bad mood (maybe sometimes something in the middle, okay) You never know what can happen when you act without thinking because you are sad, angry, whatever…Most of us are exaggerating things when we are “fucked up” and acting out, out of our minds, most of the times (I would say that 95% tops) people really regret what they said, what they did, you can’t imagine how much. Suddenly you are sad because of something and then you are laughing and there are no tears in your eyes. Isn’t is weird? But still, it’s happening every day to so many people. How beautiful is humans mind – unexpected and changeable.

Our mood switching is like those clouds on the picture, still changing sometimes without noticing, sometimes too much.

Ask yourself: Am I a moody person?


clouds 1

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