,,Are you asking me for the reason?”
,,Ask yourself first.”

in my dark times


Look, when something fucks you up, or lets you down, whatever- you should look at it as a new opportunity window for something new to happen. You can’t be sad that it didn’t work out because maybe it wasn’t supposed to be like that, maybe it was supposed to be like that for some reason. But are you really asking me why? No one will ever know and that’s the magic of it. You are silently asking why, but inside of your mind, you know it, you know the particular reason, it’s just hidden and you have to make some effort to find it. It’s there, just search for it.And okay, yesterday didn’t go well, but we still have today to make it somehow better and be satisfied about it.
As I was walking down the street at the afternoon I saw those lights on the photo and it reminded me of this situation- try to find light even in the darkest times, you never know in what form the light’s gonna appear. Just wait for it.



2 thoughts on “Reason

    1. Very welcome 🙂 indeed that’s true, sometimes people are trying to run away from it and they convince themselves, that they just don’t really know “why”, but eventually the truth will even outrun them!
      Anyway thank you for your reaction 🙂 thumbs up!

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