The future window

,,Turn the page.”

future window 2

Sometimes I catch myself staring to the window, with a blank face expression, just listening to the current song playing on my ipod, not even realizing where the hell I am for at least one minute. People tend to to stare through the windows to see something what’s gonna help them to understand the future, that is waiting for them somewhere in the distance. With or without some stated “life goals”, staring there, trying to find the right answer what to do, what not to do, who they will be in 5-10 years. It might me scary to say this common sentence but- Your current situation is not your future destination. If you are in a bad place right now, it can always change, and you know that, even if you might not be realizing that at this particular minute.

It’s gonna be how it is supposed to be, don’t worry about that right now, because life is a circle of unexpected moments. Enjoy them as much as you can, because that’s how it supposed to be, right?



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