Burning the bridges

,,I don’t even know, if I’m ever gonna say it out loud.”

Sometimes we win sometimes we loose. It’s about this circle. Sometimes you win in life, and sometimes the complete opposite happens, because that’s life, am I right?

Mostly I wanted to talk about the loosing part- It happens, that you are meeting people you can consider as close friends and then those people just leave, because you know, it happens, okay. Disappointed much?

Sometimes we are missing people that are not supposed to be missed, not even a bit, having to burn the bridges, because it’s for your own good for creating distance physically and also mentally. Those people are just dragging you down with your blind and quiet permission. Maybe you don’t really understand it now, but later you will understand, when it’s gonna be that necessary that you will physically feel it. You just tried to help and it’s okay ( and amazing), that you are the way you are, because this thing particularly, is one of the most valuable things in life – to care even if they don’t. Someone someday will truly appreciate your effort and the person will never let you go.

You have to decide if it’s worth waiting, or no. It’s all up to you (like always 😉 ) .


P.s: You might realize it, when you are climbing those stairs alone. Just sayin’

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