The wise choice

,,I’ll stand by you, will you stand by me?”

smear feeling

A few days ago I’ve heard a very wise sentence – ,,Some people will try to break your wings, so you won’t be able to fly anymore.”
I stopped for a second and started to think about it. So many things appeared in my mind, you wouldn’t even believe me, but still, this man knew what he was talking about.
Back to the sentence, I am not saying there are only mean a vicious people around us, there are a few people, who are honest, kind hearted with a sense of help, but more important- loyal. Okay, I know that. If you’d look a little closer you would see, that so many people are here just for themselves more that for others, they wouldn’t fall down for you when you need it, they would do anything to get before you in basically everything, talking shit behind your back pretending to be somebody else. Yes, that happens.

But (everything has the “but” word, of course), you have to have at least a little sense of knowing and seeing what is going on around you, choosing people who you consider as real friends, very wisely. You are doing this for yourself and for your future. I know that you don’t really wanna get hurt…who willingly wants to?

You know the answer.


P.s: Even if the picture is smeared, it shows exactly my point- don’t be blind in choosing people, who you want to stand by your side, have a clear vision of what you want.

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