3 foggy happenings

He asked me: ,,What can you see in the fog?”
I simply said: …,,all and nothing at the same time.”


This is it.
This is the only thing I see, at least for 3 weeks now.
Hell of a nothing=fog.
3 things.

  • Fog is a place, where you can easily hide in front of him, her, them. You can hide even in front of yourself sometimes. Because you don’t really wanna see all the things that are happening at the other side of the fog, not now. Maybe tomorrow, or the other day, when the sky’s gonna be brighter and you will feel so much better.
  • The fog is just a place you can do all the crazy stuff, without anyone noticing. Being you, being with people that you just met, but it already feels like you know them for a long time, be the real, the happy you, even if you are swimming in the milky fog.
  • Still, a very good place for thinking. It’s okay to think for some time, it’s okay to not know what to do, it’s okay to have a foggy mind for a while. You know, that it’s all gonna be okay, if you make it okay.
    Then you’ll make the fog go away.


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