What would you do , if you weren’t afraid?


birds flying high

After taking this picture I realized,  that so many people are “caged” most of the year. I mean, prisoned in a little cage called “My world”. When people fall into this kind of trap, they tend to decline the whole process at the beginning, because it’s something out of their routine, but slowly getting used to it and at the end, they are staying willingly, because there is nowhere else to go. At least that’s what they think.

Even if this is happening to you right now, you have to find the little golden key from the rusting lock, open the old creaking door, and take the first step out. Being afraid to do some new thing (or the old thing again), might me kinda scary, but remind yourself that you are here only once, you have to take all the chances you can, try everything you want to try, because you don’t really want to end up regretting everything you didn’t do in your life. If you want to fly with those birds from the photo, do it. Spread your wings and leave for a journey of your life.

I know you can do it.


3 thoughts on “What would you do , if you weren’t afraid?

    1. Thanks a lot 🙂 Actually, at the place I live, this happens all the time, so I got used to it, but I’ve never pointed my camera on that happening until recently. When I look at a random picture, it always carries some beautiful metaphor and luckily, I can see that. I am so glad that at least some people can relate to what I write 🙂 thank you again!

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