,,Can X go out and play?”


This generation of children, is a generation called “growing up too fast”. It’s never about going out with kids from the block, playing “ball games”, experience all the adventures which e. g I experiences – bleeding knees, bruises all over caused by climbing the trees…and so much more.
Today it’s ll about technology, staying home, skyping  instead of hanging out outside; using cell phones, tablets- in such a young age (when I didn’t even know what an iPhone was) becoming addicted.

This picture is a strong reminder of that colorful, happy, “free draw” and kinda rebellious childhood from my past. When I see some children out, playing on the playground, it’s rarity and I am staring like a I saw a ghost, but still excited to see it.

I hope, there are some kids in this tech world, who still goes out, experience all the ventures that this world offers. Because as long as I remember, that time, I was the happiest.


7 thoughts on “Childhood

  1. I grew up fast but you’re right about playing outside, it’s a lost art… On the other hand, it seems that the kids I know are extending childhood well into their twenties. Putting off “adulting” as long as humanly possible seems the order of the day.

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