New Year’s Vacation

,,Last and the First” – she whispered

Hey guys, sorry for not writing as much as usual, but I was on a vacation and I wanted to kinda turn off the tech world as much as possible and enjoy new places, new people and of course New Years Eve=kind of a New Years special article, about how I spent my last few days. But now I am at home and feeling as good as I want to feel, feeling relaxed and scared and stressed out in the same time because the exams are behind the door -_-.

Anyway, today I wanted to talk about past few days I was away. I was leaving my hometown, sitting in the bus heading to the new town/village, which I didn’t know yet, that it’s gonna be added to the list of my most favourite places. I was listening to music the whole way there, thinking about the upcoming days. Overthinking queen in action. I guess I would win the “staring out of the window” contest at that time. I was travelling around 8 pm, so it was pretty dark outside, I was staring just to nothingness, slowly loosing my phone service, listening to those words from that particular song, reminding myself when I was leaving last time and how exciting it was.

I was happy to see my friend, with who I was supposed to spend next few days and her boyfriend and we drove home. I am always kinda scared when I come to unknown, new place like that, but this time, it was kind of a different feeling. Do you remember the when I was talking about the warm feeling of home? This was it. My another place I can feel like home. They accepted me with all of my cons and pros because that’s just life. I was feeling good, warm and surrounded by nice, funny and honest people. That one feeling is really really worth.

On 31st of December, so the last day of last year, they wanted to show me the place where I have never been, nature, village, mountains. So we just drove and drove and drove 🙂 As we were on our way, I had to stop M and have to like go out from the car, I needed to take a picture of this:


path trees

After a few minutes we were there. We are at a place which a lot of people wanna visit, place with THE view. My words are useless right now, I a just gonna show you:

THE view




Tbh, I was amazed by the beautiful nature, the view, and of course the height where we were standing. I have never been to a place like that and didn’t even know that something like this is hiding like one and half hour away from me! Definitely gonna come back there someday. After that we went all the way through the woods, I made a short and “fast” video from the journey, here is the link where you can find it:
I could’t upload it but I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway.

After that we made another awesome stop on out way home. We stopped by one house in the village to see …wait for it…does and deers! We were allowed to step inside of their “run” and also feed them. Some of them were shy but some of the bravest came to say “hi” and take apples from our hands. It was such a miracle, that “wild animals” are able to build up this kind of trust towards people. Sometimes not even people can trust like this.



Such a great shot! By my friend ♥

Of course:,,Happy New Year, and may the odd be ever in your favour” happened to us too, we were at the very top of the village seeing all of the fireworks from the whole district. Imagine seeing lights everywhere, noisy lights I suppose, laughter, crackers, champagne,cold weather you can’t even feel your hands and nice people all around you. Honestly, I enjoyed every single second of that. Heat of the moment kind of stuff.

cracker firework


I went there the next day on the 1st of January, when everyone were kinda busy, I needed to like walk a little and think. This is how it looked like during the day:

mountains 2


After I came to the house of my friends I was freezing and I couldn’t even feel my own hands. But still I lit up a cigarette, sat on the ground and just chilled and enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere of noone on the street, quietness,  thinking about last night, how nice it was, how I slept only 2 hours ( still alive!!) how much fun I had with people I’ve just met, and how freaking thankful I am for this!! I’ve been a loner for some time, but this was like a reminder from past, that I can be socially active if I try again, I can feel better.


Sky lines?

I just wanted to say big THANK YOU for this opportunity. It was a amazing time with you guys, you don’t even know how much it meant to me, that I could visit such beautiful places, meet nice and lovely people, taking pictures of things I love, being surrounded by good energy and chillout…dream 🙂 I know I will come back, I am sure.

Anyway, I hope you had a nice few days, Happy New Years day, no hangover (like me! yass!!) and I hope that this year, amazing things will happen. Believe me.


P.s: No New years resolutions? What about you?

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